The only character I can think of that I've ever had a crush on comes from one of the most infamous and somewhat cringe-worthy (to some people) cartoons out there, that being My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I'm sure plenty of people in the world have had a similar situation as me, but I took it a step further than most others.

Twilight Sparkle was probably the only character I ever spent time caring about out of the main (Or as the show calls them "Mane") 6 ponies that were ever centered around in the show. I wanted to have someone with me who was smart like I was, and Twilight seemed to be the perfect choice, but my only problem was that she was a fictional character and I was a real-life human being. Add the fact that I was much different back then when I was around 13-14 years old, and you have yourself a recipe for a small disaster that turned out to be something great.

Even at that age, I had imaginary friends, Twilight being one of them. She would follow me wherever I went and stay by my side no matter what, always being there for me when I was in trouble. I recently thought of her as the part of me that didn't want the rest of me to give up on anything, as in my eyes she always talked to me and helped keep me calm whenever I was in a troubling situation. She was there for me, keeping me headstrong.

Flash forward 1-2 years, and here I am. I wanted something new with my life, so I decided to do something that would make me so much more different. I was doodling sketches of me and Twilight, and next thing you know I drew other, small pony characters with us, being children if you'd call them that. I won't go into the technical details of it, as it has more story behind it than you'd expect, so I'll save it for some other time if you all are willing to listen.

Either way, Twilight has taken me far from where I was, from being an insecure kid to becoming a strong teenager, soon to be adult in a year or so. As I've said before, she's like a part of me that doesn't want me to stop and quit. I think of her as a part of my consciousness that tells me not to throw everything away, and ever since then, I've become more determined than I ever have been in my life, trying harder at everything I'll ever do.

Even if it's just a crush, I'll never forget her time with me.
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