Dice; Random Chance or Heart of the Cards?

Snufferin Snagglepuss
Here's the context. Imagine a setting of playing any sort of dice game, for the sake of clarity I'll use craps as an example. You're on a roll in the casino and you need to roll a 8 or higher or 6 on 2 dice to win big. Anything lower and you'll lose money. There's only 5 other people at the table with you and the dealer. But here's the catch. This game uses a system it claims is true random and all you do is press a button for your "dice throw". The past few rounds you've done well, but now player number 4 moves to sit on the other side of you and every time you roll after him you roll less than 6. This happens 5 times straight. You bust on money from the straight loses and leave the table.
Did player 4 make you lose your money? Would you find it feasible to blame him for the seeming impossible odds? You're told the device that rolled the dice are completely "true random" but does the other player have influence on your outcome?
"Let's play our lives away!"
it's a casino so it is probably rigged by default and the dude who moved works at the casino and was triggering the hidden action that would save them from losing money, in a real world scenario

now, without the casino framing with everything else the exact same it's just shit luck or a badly coded RNG which are both completely possible.
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if its true random its true random
(Nov 7, 2018 at 4:51 AM)StrikeForcer Wrote: if its true random its true random
You can't say it's only half!

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