3/10, lrn2troll, and what it means to YOU

1/10 good troll, would [insert stupid phrase here] again
3/10, lrn2troll

To put this bluntly, I and the other staff members have seen too much of this and it's stopping now. These kinds of posts are not acceptable on this board, especially when this is the only reply to a quote that you're giving.

Posts like these are generally as nasty as the posts they're in reply to, sometimes even more so. There's no reason for it, no excuse you could possibly offer that makes these kinds of posts acceptable, and there's no place for it here. If I, or any other of the moderation staff catch any more of these kinds of posts you'll be given a verbal warning either by post or PM, and if you repeat these kinds of posts you'll be banned for a few days, increasing in severity if you repeat this kind of action. If there is a misunderstanding though on ANY of these warnings we give you, feel free to point them out to whoever warned you and we'll take a look and see if we were wrong. If it turns out we just misjudged a post, well that's our fault and we take full responsibility.

Don't let this discourage you from posting ratings when used in CONTEXT though, like if you want to rate someones art 10/10 for example, you're welcome to, so long as your post contains more substance than a simple rating.

Seriously, keep it civil and we won't have problems! But if you can't learn to get along with one another and deal with disagreements or opinions in a civil way, you'll have to learn the hard way, and none of us want that but it's really the only way.

So lets all get along and post nicely yeah? [Image: wink.gif] Feel free to use this topic to discuss this with us all but I doubt the opinions on this'll budge any.
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bringing this back
Get it by your own hands.

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this is 10/10 tek

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