EDIT: The game that had the virus was NOT MFGG Ware. Previously downloaded copies of MFGG Ware should be safe, but you're still advised not to download it from this point on.

UPDATE: Due to how MMF handles online play, anybody connecting to the MFGG Ware channel is likely giving their IP address to MechaBowser. A similar method may have been used to get Raikyo's personal information. DO NOT play MFGG Ware online--or at least do so at your own risk.

First of all, if you're going to tl;dr this, you should at least take this from it: MechaBowser is dangerous and manipulative. I mean this in the most honest sense. MechaBowser should be avoided entirely. Do not communicate with him, and do not download any files from him. This includes not downloading MFGG Ware from this point on (read on for more information).

Now on to the meat of the topic. MechaBowser's ban was issued for what amounts to felonious harassment. Below is a chatlog between MechaBowser and Raikyo:

Quote:(14:52) MechaBowser: Gotta talk to you.
(14:52) MechaSonic: sure
(14:52) MechaBowser: It's important.
(14:52) MechaSonic: but pls without insulting me this time
(14:52) MechaBowser: Whatever.
(14:53) MechaSonic: good.
(14:57) MechaBowser: Your name is Mauer, you live on ***, ***. Your phone number is ***** and your birthday is 14/10, 1990 in ***.
(14:57) MechaSonic: ?
(14:57) MechaSonic: what?
(14:57) MechaSonic: Lol my name is not "Mauer"
(14:57) MechaSonic: my name is "Manuel"
(14:57) MechaSonic: well.. why do you want to know that
(14:57) MechaSonic: and from where do you know that
(14:58) MechaBowser: I don't want to know stuff I already know.
(14:58) MechaSonic: yes
(14:58) MechaSonic: but from where do you know that
(14:58) MechaBowser: Nowhere.
(14:58) MechaBowser: But my point is
(14:58) MechaBowser: Stay away from me.
(14:58) MechaSonic: I stay away from you
(14:58) MechaSonic: ok
(14:58) MechaSonic: but
(14:58) MechaSonic: tell me.. why do you still hate me?
(14:59) MechaSonic: I have enough 'real live' problems
(14:59) MechaBowser: I don't "hate" you. But I'm constantly pissed at you keeping to reply at anything I'm saying, quoting me, and had me banned several times.
(14:59) MechaSonic: hey... you were only banned because of that in the general chat
(14:59) MechaSonic: because of me*
(14:59) MechaBowser: No, you reported me several times.
(14:59) MechaBowser: In the art board, too.
(15:00) MechaSonic: oh yea.... right
(15:00) MechaBowser: Now I hope you'll take this warning serious. Because I could come up with something if you don't.
(15:00) MechaSonic: ...
(15:01) MechaSonic: okay, thats a word. I stay away from you and you stay away from me
(15:01) MechaBowser: And that includes everything I host, post or any topic I'll ever make.
(15:02) MechaSonic: but then dont post anything related to me again, ok?
(15:02) MechaSonic: I will never talk to you, talk over you or point to you again
(15:02) MechaSonic: and you stay away from me, too
(15:02) MechaBowser: K, deal.
(15:03) MechaSonic: k.
(15:03) MechaSonic: I really have enough problems in my real live. I don't want to have problems in the net, too
(15:03) MechaBowser: But I'll abuse these information if you break any of these rules.
(15:03) MechaSonic: ok. but you stop talking about me, too. okay?
(15:04) MechaBowser: Depends on how "talking about you" is.
(15:04) MechaBowser: If you mean official topics, then okay, sure.
(15:04) MechaSonic: I mean on the net
(15:04) MechaBowser: But I'll gossip around as I feel like.
(15:04) MechaSonic: but I have a last question. from where do you know those informations? and please answer that.
(15:05) MechaBowser: Oh you'd like to know, wouldn't you+
(15:05) MechaBowser: *?
(15:05) MechaSonic: yea... if its just from a website then you don't need to say it. I just want to know it.
(15:05) MechaBowser: It's not from a website or anything.
(15:05) MechaSonic: my sister.....
(15:05) MechaBowser: Your sister blocked me alright.
(15:05) MechaSonic: oh
(15:06) MechaBowser: So yeah, sure, I lied when I said she helped me, she had blocked me ages ago anyways.
(15:06) MechaSonic: thanks for saying me that.
(15:06) MechaSonic: ok.. now we have a deal. I stay away from you
(15:06) MechaBowser: Fine.
(15:07) MechaSonic: oh and a last thing. please don't release those infos
(15:07) MechaBowser: But if I catch you, in ANY way, bothering me, and especially PMGO (since you emailed loads of members from that forum) these informations ain't safe at all.
(15:07) MechaSonic: I only talked with T-man
(15:07) MechaSonic: anyways.. we have a deal now
(15:08) MechaBowser: And Spy Guy.
(15:08) MechaBowser: Yes, sure.
(15:08) MechaSonic: oh that was ages ago
(15:08) MechaBowser: Well who cares, you did it.
(15:08) MechaSonic: yes...
(15:08) MechaBowser: Deal. Now let's end this conversation so I can finally get to play my Wii.
(15:09) MechaSonic: you have a wii? (anyways. okay. deal!.)
(15:09) MechaBowser: Yes, I bothered stand in line for 10 hours. It was well worth it.
(15:09) MechaSonic: lol >.< My grandma bought mine. But I must wait till christmas....
(15:09) MechaBowser: TEHEHE.
(15:10) MechaBowser: Now bye.
(15:10) MechaSonic: okay. bye

It continues later:

Quote:(14:52) MechaSonic: Sorry for disturbing you again but I have another deal-idea. Maybe you accept it.
I request a Permaban at MFGG so you never can see me again and you
delete that adress thing and never release it. okay?
(14:52) MechaBowser: Sure thing.
(14:52) MechaBowser: Go for it.
(14:52) MechaSonic: ok
(14:53) MechaSonic: can I make a good bye topic. I dont post any things related to you or other things
(14:53) MechaSonic: just say good bye
(14:53) MechaSonic: just to say*
(14:53) MechaBowser: Actually, since it's a goodbye topic, you get to write stuff about me. Only this once, though.
(14:54) MechaSonic: I only write: Hello MFGGers. It was a nice time here at MFGG. I enjoyed making Fangames and playing fangames. But now it's time to say goodbye. I request a Permaban. Hope you don't forget me.
(14:55) MechaBowser: Well do as you feel.
(14:55) MechaBowser: Write at your hearts desire.
(14:55) MechaSonic: but please promise me that you never release that adress thing
(14:55) MechaBowser: Sure, alright.
(14:55) MechaSonic: good
(14:55) MechaSonic: thats a deal
(14:55) MechaBowser: Yup.
(14:56) MechaBowser: Now BRB.
(14:56) MechaSonic: k

To summarize: MechaBowser was pissed that Raikyo reported some of his offending posts (the result of which was suspensions for MB). In retaliation, he tracked down Raikyo's personal information and threatened to release it to the public if Raikyo ever replied to any of his topics again. In response, Raikyo agreed to have himself permabanned.

More information from Raikyo:

Quote:mechabowser said "Watch out for the dark... the dark which kills"
ages ago

darkkiller said that he helps bowser with his "MFGG Ware" Game but he's not in the credits

Darkkiller has sent me a game which was infected with a trojan.
bowser got my personal files but I never played a game from him.

More fun quotes from DarkKiller (aka MechaBowser) during a conversation with Flametale:

DarkKiller says:
Really, it's better then making some ****ing kid game about a ****ing mouse going on a crappy quest with some really crappy engine. No wonder why your game has almost got no respone. That is why MFGG Ware is so much better. Because kids can't do better, simply.

. . .

DarkKiller says:
Go **** your mom

. . .

DarkKiller says:
I'll smear you kid

. . .

DarkKiller says:
**** some girls, get a life
Flametale says:
What am i doing now? it's called Living.

I go out, i play sports, i come home, i talk on MSN, i go out more, i go get drunk on the odd occasion.
DarkKiller says:
**** it
DarkKiller says:
I don't give ****
DarkKiller says:
Play sports?
Flametale says:
Yes, sports.
DarkKiller says:
Haha, ****ing sports kid. Sports with the girls? Fun playing with, hnm?
DarkKiller says:
Feeling the excitement of your small ***** going in and out of their *****

(I'd like to point out that MB basically attempted to insult Flametale by... accusing him of getting laid.)

So what's happening to MechaBowser right now?

1. Permabanned. Any single one of his offenses (blackmail, harassment, duplicate accounts) would've been grounds for this, but he had to go for the trifecta.
2. We've contacted his ISP. This kind of harassment is a very serious felony, so I'm sure the relevant authorities (in this case, I think it'd be the FBI) would be interested in hearing about this. EDIT: MB lives in Denmark, so the FBI obviously wouldn't be involved. I don't know what Denmark's laws are in regards to Internet harassment.
3. We're advising everybody not to download MFGG Ware or any other game of his. If you already have MFGG Ware on your computer, virus scan it.

This topic will be left open for discussion on the matter, though please keep in mind that if this does turn into a criminal investigation, the MFGG forums may be used as evidence--in other words, no libel or slander, please (of course, that's against the rules, anyway).

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