Obsession of some friend i hate have led me to believe so, and led me to think of it as a social rejected loser club. Or well degeneration in society is getting more accepted. (Not hanging out with that person anymore though, just too annoying)

But females are stupid mostly in that case it seems, and males are just pathetic and just down right wimpy homosexuals (to put it mildly)

But i read a comment on a site, which is pretty well on the point.

"Why is it that anime fans are so elitist? Why do they think that anime is so freaking intellectually advanced and everyone that doesnt like it is an idiot? Well I dont like it. I think its ugly, and loud, and annoying, and abrasive. Those stupid characters drive me crazy. Some times, when my boyfriend is watching anime, i have to actually put my hands over my ears to block out their annoying laughs. Why ???? I dont get it. Apparently it has a sweeping story arc that comes to a complete close, unlike less advanced american television. It has deeper underlying issues, and is easy to identify with. WHAT? a terrifying clown with a crab arm screaming about the tool? no. i dont identify with that. 12 year old children inside giant killing machines? nope that never happened to me. What a freaking ridiculous genre. some of it i can get behind like swept away, or ponyo. yet those arent screaming all the time and have ridiculous names and crazy special powers. everyone has their own interests. and thats fine. but dont force your crazy love of anime off on me. i just hate it. thanks."
Source: http://www.marineford.com/Thread-Are-Ani...nd-Elitist

I can confirm to this.

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