Have you guys seen the new screen shots, for 5 to 9? This game looks better than most FPSs I've seen. Kick ass weather effects, immersive world full of living folklore, high quality textures...I know, I know, it's best not to judge an RPG by its cover, but if Morrowind is even remotely like Daggerfall, then this could be an RPG to end all RPGs. It'll also feature a seemingly powerful editor that will allow players to create anything their little hearts desire. And of course Bethesda has committed itself to releasing this one virtually bug-free. I wasn't all that interested in this game, a bit disappointed at the gaping flaws in Daggerfall, but now it's at the top of my To Get list. That is, if it'll still run on my ancient Voodoo 2...
I would never blame anybody for casting doubt on those kind of statements ("zero bugs"). I could give you my personal assurance or some "official stamp of non-bull-shit", but that would probably sound silly. I guess all I could say is this...we're trying like hell!! It's our #1 goal. We've been working on it for a loonngg time and will continue too (thus the release next year), and I suppose the overriding sentiment with the team is "if this game is buggy, we're pretty much done for." Hey if that isn't motivation, I don't know what is.

Anyway, our ideals remain the same, and all the PR crap doesn't really mean anything until you get to play the game, so stick with us...we're extremely aware that we need to prove this one.

On a side note, Redguard was really really clean (Ok, had some driver problems...but that was silly DOS....if I could go back in time..oh well).

We constantly joke Hal that he should just start the MW patch since he did 7 for Daggerfall, that way it will be ready on release. I'm not sure he thinks it's funny though :)


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Todd Howard
Project Leader: Morrowind
Bethesda Softworks

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