This is the thread where I log my fangame/ROM-Hack Projects I start.
In brief overview of below: Currently Working On are the projects I am actively developing at this time. Other Projects are the inactive projects that may or may not see progress resumed. Isolated One-Shots are the games I make that are part of either a Convention, Level Design Contest, or a Game Jam I participate in.

Note, some media is left blank because Minus World's automated system told that im only supposed to have 1 video per posting...said videos are the only media that exist for me to conveniently get...

Currently Working On

October Ordeal
Started: Late September 2017
Projected Demo: October 30, 2018
Projected Finish: Halloween 2019

Description: 9 Level Challenge I made to see if I can make all 9 levels by Halloween...I failed. Still determined to finish this.

- Intro Sequence

[Image: 105revamp_00055.png]

[Image: Getting_Back_On_Track_00025.png]

[Image: Getting_Back_On_Track_00030.png]

[Image: Getting_Back_On_Track_00035.png]

[Image: Getting_Back_On_Track_00037.png]

[Image: Getting_Back_On_Track_00040.png]

[Image: Getting_Back_On_Track_00042.png]

[Image: Getting_Back_On_Track_00049.png]

[Image: Getting_Back_On_Track_00050.png]

[Image: Getting_Back_On_Track_00052.png]

[Image: Getting_Back_On_Track_00057.png]

[Image: Getting_Back_On_Track_00073.png]


December Darkness
Started: MFGG Secret Santa 2016
Projected Finish: Christmas 2019
Description: Started as a secret santa project to Jaharl that year but I decided to expand it to a full hack. It is only worked on every November and December.

[Image: DDLogo_-_Copy_00000.png]

[Image: DDLogo_-_Copy_00004.png]

[Image: DDLogo_-_Copy_00016.png]

[Image: DDLogo_-_Copy_00020.png]

[Image: DDLogo_-_Copy_00021.png]

[Image: DDLogo_-_Copy_00026.png]

[Image: fixxedddlogo_00008.png]

Other Projects

Name: Generic Redrawn Hack
Started: Later 2016
Projected Finish: N/A
Description: Hack I was working on at 2016 but resumed Summer of 2017. Its meant to be an assortion of levels I have made.


Name: Mario: The Dark World
Started: Late 2015
Projected Finish: N/A
Description: Currently on hiatus, meant to be a darker sequel to Mysterious Islandz.

[Image: BGYpZ8U.png]

Name: The Redemption of the Mario Bros.
Started: Mid 2016
Projected Finish: N/A
Description: Currently on hiatus, meant to be a 4 World SMB1 hack. Demo is availible in YT Link.


Name: Mysterious Islandz
Started: Mid 2012
Projected Finish: N/A
Description: Currently on hiatus. Will resume in future.


Isolated One-Shots

Name: Aeolian Blood Moon
Finished: March 13th, 2016
Description: Collaborative entry with levelengine of Bits and Pieces renown for SMW Central's 9th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest. Score was 31st.

https://dl.smwcentral.net/14812/VLDC9%20v1.11.zip (Note that this level was made as part of the larger VLDC9 compilation SMW Central showcased each entrants)

Name: Party Paradise
Finished: August 15th, 2016
Description: Solo entry for GeminiSunfall's unofficial Summer Level Contest on SMWC. Scored 2nd place.

Name: Frantic Forgeworks
Finished: October 1st, 2016
Description: Collaborative entry with Kixune for Talkhaus's Make a Good Level Contest 3. Scored 32nd place.

Name: Creepy Childhouse
Finished: December 2nd, 2016
Description: Solo entry for SMWCentral's 4th Chocolate Level Design Contest. DQ'ed for an oversight that shifts the screen at the start of the second half, making it impossible to finish. I was denied the ability to fix it. Taught me that you got to be through with your testing.

[Image: Creepy_Childhouse_Finalv1.1fix_00006.png]
[Image: Creepy_Childhouse_Finalv1.1fix_00008.png]

[Image: Creepy_Childhouse_Finalv1.1fix_00013.png]
[Image: Creepy_Childhouse_Finalv1.1fix_00026.png]

[Image: Creepy_Childhouse_Finalv1.1fix_00031.png]
[Image: Creepy_Childhouse_Finalv1.1_00002.png]

[Image: Creepy_Childhouse_Finalv1.1_00005.png]
[Image: Creepy_Childhouse_Finalv1.1_00015.png]

[Image: Creepy_Childhouse_Finalv1.1_00018.png]
[Image: Creepy_Childhouse_Finalv1.1_00023.png]

Name: Santa's Sawshop
Finished: December 25th, 2016
Description: My MFGG 2016 Secret Santa entry. The larger hack this level is a part of will be an expansion on that idea.

Name: Lost Leafage
Finished: March 27, 2017
Description: My level for the 10th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest. It is part of a larger upcoming compilation hack that is to be having the top 60 levels of the contest (which btw the largest contest evet hosted on SMW Central to history sporting over 180 entries), of which I scored 21st place, which in the context of having so many entries, it is really high.


[Image: Fanjudge_Candidaate_00001.png]

[Image: Fanjudge_Candidaate_00008.png]

[Image: Fanjudge_Candidaate_00024.png]


Name: Reactive Factory
Finished: March 12, 2018
Description: My entry to SMW Central's Chocolate Level Design Contest. Scored 22nd Place (not the best, was dragged down due to the gimmick's functionality)

[Image: CLDC2018_Reactive_Factory_00011.png]

[Image: CLDC2018_Reactive_Factory_00012.png]

[Image: CLDC2018_Reactive_Factory_00015.png]

[Image: CLDC2018_Reactive_Factory_00027.png]

[Image: CLDC2018_Reactive_Factory_00028.png]

[Image: CLDC2018_Reactive_Factory_00034.png]

[Image: CLDC2018_Reactive_Factory_00046.png]

[Image: CLDC2018_Reactive_Factory_00047.png]

[Image: CLDC2018_Reactive_Factory_00048.png]

[Image: CLDC2018_Reactive_Factory_00051.png]

[Image: CLDC2018_Reactive_Factory_00053.png]

[Image: CLDC2018_Reactive_Factory_00059.png]

[Image: CLDC2018_Reactive_Factory_00065.png]

[Image: CLDC2018_Reactive_Factory_00072.png]


Games I Worked For

Disclaimer: (Only Showing Games that had a public record of level progress, there are more fangames I had a hand with that didn't went anywhere or were not notable enough for me to recall, or are private so I cant show the details)

Super Mario World - All-Star Edition & Attack: Level Designer, Tester
Super Mario Bros.: Odyssey - Chapter 1: Guest Level Designer
Super Mario Kingdom & Territory: Level Designer
Super Mario Fusion World: Guest Level Designer
Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos: Level Designer, Tester
DragzeeY Engine 7: Example Level Designer, Tester
CatezeeY Engine 8: Example Level Designer, Tester
SMB2011 - Attack of the Bloopers: Level Designer
SMB2012 Doomsday: Guest Level Designer, Plot Writer
Super Mario Dimensions: GFX (did the pipes)
And yes, I am in need of pixel artists and ASMers for my current hack project as stated in the OP. Mainly pixel artists at the moment, as I have several level ideas that I want to make that have their own individual themes, which is a higher priority for me . Reply here or DM me if you are interested.

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