I just got back from seeing AC/DC, and boy are my ears tired

I'm not deaf, yet, but I do have a kind of constant noise. I've been told after a good nights sleep I'll be okay. I wore ear-plugs sometimes.

Now for the good news. IT FUCKING ROCKED!!!

A band called the answer opened for them. They weren't to bad, but we came to see AC/DC. The opened with rock n' roll train. Then black in black.

They played about 3 songs from their new album, and the rest were old favorites. They played the jack, so we got a strip show from angus. They also play whole lotta rosie, while the 20 ft rosie was riding on top of the train.

They played let there be rock, and angus never stopped playing for awhile. Then after a few minutes they rose up out of hell to play highway to hell. Then of course they finished with for those about to rock.

So, when you go to an indoor concert, WEAR EARPLUGS!!! The concert my be muffled, but your hearing wont be.
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did you have a monster zero ultra for this concert
classic angus

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