Minus World Awards 2018 NOMINATION PHASE!

Well, with the suggestions out of the way it's time to properly do this.

As with previous years (not that we've had them lately...), we'll kick off with a nomination phase! Simply PM me (We used to have a fancy account for this but not now!) the list of categories you want to nominate a specific member (or whatever is applicable, such as a specific post) for alongside who you nominate for that award. Whenever the nomination phase has ended (around a week or so or whenever someone pings me on Discord in 2 weeks when I've forgotten) we'll move onto the voting phase, where I post the list of nominated members for each category and then you all vote properly! Maximum one nomination per category, please. Also you can abstain from any given category or categories you like. You CANNOT nominate yourself or your dupes!

Without further ado, here's the list of CATEGORIES to NOMINATE and eventually VOTE on members for!

-Best All-Round Member
-Friendliest User
-Most Helpful
-Picasso (Best Artist)
-High Profile (Best Profile, including Gear loadout if applicable)
-Top Wizard (Best Spellcaster)
-Most Welcome (Best newer member)
-Most Missed Member (Please Come Back)
-Least Missed Member (Please Don't)
-Most Improved
-[ ] join MW (Someone who is NOT a member but should be!)
-Most Cursed
-Most Entertaining in the Killing Game
-Best Dupe
-One Hit Wonder (Joined for a single purpose or event and then left never to be seen again)
-Best Member in cdiplayer's Shadow
-Best Garrison (Specify both a host and the Garrison they held)
-Goodest Sh*t (A specific post and the member that made it)
-Worstest Sh*t (Again, specific post)
-Best KG Submission (Member and a short summary of either what the submission was or what you could piece together of it as a player)
-Best Post on MFGG (I can't actually award any users on here for this!)

Also, Anonymous is a member. Awards to Anon will be sent to a singular relevant postID.
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sad to see the robbydude category didn't make it in but whatever
[Image: d64e939958.png]

im bill ding
Reminder that you only have so much longer to get those nominations in! I've gotten quite a few, but if you have some picks you think might not happen otherwise, send 'em in!
Looking through the nominations we have now, looks like we need some more nominations for the following categories:
Goodest Sh*t
Best Post on MFGG

Even if you HAVE sent in a nomination submission but did not cover one of these categories, it's encouraged that you get your submission in to help boost those options!
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