hey nerds we're gonna watch either hackers or excalibur this weekend - we'll have a rabb.it going so we can all watch together; elsewise just try to sync with a universal digital clock for playing

we need to watch the void and i'm 100% down doing it via rabb.it if people don't have it on their netflix, but that's maybe this next weekend?
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i still really want to watch the super mario bros movie with you guys

weekends work best but i can probably do weekdays as long as i have some notice and it's not too late at night
if top secret is convenient i'd like to nominate that one after the current movies we want to do because that is a fantastic movie
hijacking this thread to announce my own event

I’m convinced that since symphogear is basically a b-movie at heart a groupwatch would be the best way for me to maybe get back into it

if you’re interested in watching symphogear starting from episode 7, I should be available sometime this weekend, so let me know what time would work best for you
update: so I’ll most likely have the symphogear stream some time sunday afternoon, I’ll be busy for most of friday and saturday and if it’s sunday night it might interfere with oscar stuff

I know it’s a tricky time for people so if you’re interested in the stream but won’t be around let me know, if enough people can’t/don’t show up I’ll probably postpone it
I'll try to join in but I don't recommend anyone start at episode 7 if they haven't seen the first half of the show.
(Feb 21, 2019 at 3:45 AM)Elyk Wrote: I'll try to join in but I don't recommend anyone start at episode 7 if they haven't seen the first half of the show.

yeah episode 7 would just be confusing. i mean you could probably skip episodes 1 through 3, but you'd still at least want to see the original trilogy to understand a lot of what's going on
assuming my parents aren't taking me out driving I should be able to do a groupwatch of the start of symphogear s2 tomorrow afternoon, stay tuned
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I think we should watch Raiders of the lost ark.
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