All right the moment you all probably haven't been waiting for is FINALLY HERE! I've carefully (sort of) tallied up the votes and cast my own only when a tiebreaker was necessary (never voting for myself, don't worry) and I'm excited to reveal the winners!

-Best All-Round Member
@Fun With Despair (4 votes)

-Friendliest User
@sealelement (6 votes)

-Most Helpful
@Draku (4 votes)

-Picasso (Best Artist)
@mit (4 votes)

-High Profile (Best Profile, including Gear loadout if applicable)
@soundcloudrapper (4 votes)

-Top Wizard (Best Spellcaster)
@"StirlADrei" (3 votes)

-Most Welcome (Best newer member)
@Jetamo (5 votes)

-Most Missed Member (Please Come Back)
@Agastya (6 votes)

-Least Missed Member (Please Don't)
Puddin (5 votes)

-Most Improved
@Nabber (4 votes)

-[ ] join MW (Someone who is NOT a member but should be!)
Evil Yoshi Toes (6 votes)

-Most Cursed
Minus World as a Whole (3 votes)
Quote:Kyle Yesterday at 8:50 PM
@Draku do you agree with banning the person voted most cursed
Goodbye, everyone!

-Most Entertaining in the Killing Game
@Alex Jones (4 votes)

-Best Dupe
@John Freeman (3 votes)

-One Hit Wonder (Joined for a single purpose or event and then left never to be seen again)
Renzo "The Renz" Kukenson (3 votes)

-Best Member in cdiplayer's Shadow
@Nightwheel (3 votes)

-Best Garrison (Specify both a host and the Garrison they held)
Chaos Garrison (@"StirlADrei", @Elyk, @El Negro, @brainwyrms, @Snufferin Snagglepuss, @Superchao, @Mario, @Mariofan169, @sealelement, @Pedigree, @Aidan) [6 votes]

-Goodest Sh*t (A specific post and the member that made it)
@Elyk(For this post) [5 votes]

-Worstest Sh*t (Again, specific post)
@Pea (For this post) [4 votes]

-Best KG Submission (Member and a short summary of either what the submission was or what you could piece together of it as a player)
@"Zelma" (For this submission) [8 votes]

-Best Post on MFGG (I can't actually award any users on here for this!)VinnyVideo (Alter) [6 votes]

Thanks to all who nominated, voted, and posted on this forum this past year! It's been great fun and I'm glad MW is doing as well as it is even as other forums decline and the Discord rises and whatnot. Love interacting with the community and think you're all great, even the people I give a hard time.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
Fun With Despair
who the fuck let me win
[Image: 5HTDffO.png]
Get it by your own hands.

MFGG Staff Slaying Expert
Kill List
Assist List
Oh yeah, @Pea wins the honorary "Best MW Awards Voting Submission" award, that doesn't actually count for anything.

Pea's Submission:
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
thank u for believing in me
man great work to everyone man really proud to be a part of this community for so long sorry for being weird and talking about porn so much love you guys keep being dope and co-

>Despair won

El Negro
look mom I won something...

jk i'm still a failure.. thanks draku..
[Image: z839mDR.png]
I can't wait to tell my grandma that I'm an award winning chef.
She told me she's glad that I have taken an interest in cooking and asked if I want an air fryer for Christmas.
Hahaha wow. Without even trying, I manage to net myself a award. I gladly accept my award. Thanks for the three people who made it happen.

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