are you guys ready for Twitch Plays Dating Sim?

twitch chat will surely get me laid

i'd have a nice, calming periscope stream in which i, Jimbobbio, take the viewers along with me for a stroll in my favorite parks. i'd touch on what i like about each given park as i walk through it, such as landmarks, the local animal life, or well keptness. if i'm streaming around lunchtime, i would even sit my camera down on a raised pedestal so that the viewer can feel like they're participating in my picnic as the tarp's rolled out and we all sit down to eat some nice fruits.
haha HEY MY SKINNY PENISES what's uuuup it's me, ya boi, skinny PENIS that's right my dudes I overcame my fear and anxiety of saying dick dick dick cock fuck penis peener AUUUGhh still gets me erect tho' haha but not to worry let's just juump INTO IIIIT

alrite so today we gon be playin some genital joustlin'. pretty cool game in where you touch other people's pENIS PEniS PENIS PENIS but like, no homo or anythin' y'know? haha hey look i'm tocuhing a cock haha wow this game, wish there was brain worms in it so like I could touch his dick and stuff. hey maybe there's his dick already as an unlockable exclusive skin we'll see

sorry if I moan in advance, like I said, I'm still trying to recover my virginity and man it's so hot in here or is it just me? oh it looks like we got our first viewer AND COMMENT let's take a l o o o o o k my bros

"Hey man I really like your channel, you're even my sixth favourite streamer! I don't play a lot anymore, but watching your stream when my other five favourite ones are offline is always fun. Keep it up!"

ay my man TANKs a lot, means so much to me and remember that if you really like my content to subscribe, hit the bell and donate for more, my patreon and merch are down BELOW i'm sure you'll like a brand new SKINNY DILDO those are limited offer only so make sure to stay tuned!

looks like we got another nice comment let's take A L O O O O O K

"My mom took away my Xbox. This is the saddest moment in my life. The most pain and unimaginable suffering I have ever felt before. Have I been a bad boy? Is that why she did what she did? I don’t know. I have so many questions. I also have depression because of lack of Xbox. I can’t play Minecraft. I love Minecraft so so much, it’s my favorite game in the entire world. Why would she take such joy and happiness away from me? Does she think I do bad things on there? If so, she should know that I join good Christian Minecraft servers only. That’s it.... I give up. I can’t fr*cking take another painful second of this anymore. This torture is what has been depressing me for so long. I swear to h**k, I’ll get that Xbox back if it kills me."

say whaaaat? my dude, what? you gotta do one thing my man. and it's simple.

*unzips* roll that dick out and fliP A COCK that's rite baby that will ease the pain away. When I was a little boy my daddy used to teach me this in class and everythin was super well, trust me, helped a ton. It seems we got aNOTHER comemnt that's right let's take a L O O O K:

"Hey man, uh, I just wanted to jump in and say that I don't really enjoy what you're doing? And to really say that you should just give up and find someone else. It's not that I dislike you, it's that I really, really... don't like you. We can still be friends though, I guess? I dunno. If you even have some coherence in your words, maybe we'll get to have a nice talk or something. For now, goodbye, it was a pleasure meeting you for like... what, 6 days? Anyway, if you do feel like changing and dropping all that stuff you randomly spit out of your mouth, then I will 10% consider giving you a second chance. See you, take care."

aww MAN brainworms is SO Goddshang cute like LOOK AT THAT shit anyway I think we're just about done for tonight my bros it's time for us to SPLIT, playin minecraft with dicks was nice but it's time for me to leave to my planet. Peace out my skinny penises, stay skinny.

[Skinny Penis went back to Skinny Planet in where he was kicked off and sent back to earth.]
Hello again my dear, it's Granny.

Er... I have to say I'm not exactly "hip" with today's live blogging culture. I suppose something I could do is a cooking stream!

Although I'm not exactly sure why anyone'd tune in to watch... then again, my muffins have been known to cause quite a stir at local events. Maybe they'd be interested in learning my "secret ingredient"!
hey its me goku here, i heard frieza is headed off to destroy some place called "skinny planet" so maybe i can follow him and try to stream our fight. im not sure if skinny planet has any internet but skinny penis was able to post so i should be ok
Hey, this is Sleepy.

I haven't thought of broadcasting myself playing video games... It's a passion of mine, but making it a profession doesn't sound too bad... I think.

Playing competitive video games sounds too stressful. I'd rather do playthroughs, or maybe give tips and tricks on how to beat difficult games. There's so much to consider, but I'd like to keep doing what I like: Having fun playing video games. Maybe I could meet new friends with this streaming platform? I should try it out some day.
An image of a coated man appears on the screen, his eyes quizzing the body-mounted apparatus. He is in a dark vehicle with only the few street lights of a highway enlighten any viewer to the wrinkles and cracks of a tired man.

"Alright, so today is the fifth of December and I'm still on that girl's case. I haven't heard back from the last suspect, so I'm going to stake out his activities."

After an hour of driving with only an inkling of interest showing on the man's face when certain songs came on, his vehicle stopped in front of a stretch of grass in a neighbourhood. The night was uneventful, but the man was very concerned as he looked through a bloodied notebook in an evidence bag. Occasionally, non-English words can be heard under his breath when he sticks to a page for a while. Nothing else of note happens for the following 15 hours.
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