It took me many months of therapy and somehow one consultation with Zelma, but I think I’ve finally made a decision: Unfortunately, I’m divorcing from Minus World. I thought this place would be more accepting of the one thing I am truly a fan of, but to see Mario get brutally murdered in a bathroom each and every killing game just breaks my heart, and it conveys the message that I could be next.

Which is why I’ll be moving to the next best place: Mario Fan Games Galaxy. There, I hope to find discussions about Mario fans and Mario fan culture to be more encouraged; it is in the name, of course. The journey will be daunting, but this one fact will carry me along the way: 2001 was not only the year I was born, but the year a little Gundam MIDI-playing site called Bowsertech transformed into the MFGG I know today. Thus, it is practically my birthright to join and perhaps one day become admin.

I want to thank you fine people for all of these years of Mario-hating, and eventually I will put up all of my dupes for sale by posting my password publically. Yes, even Coldsteel. Farewell, and until we don’t meet again!
I'd like to also give note that I will be leaving Minus World so I can get some Pizza Hut, brb.
Ok I'm back who wants a mushroom and anchovy pizza?
Fun With Despair

(Dec 25, 2018 at 6:49 AM)Pea Wrote:
Ok I'm back who wants a mushroom and anchovy pizza?
i want you to develop some fucking taste
alright fine what about green pepper and raw meat pizza

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