Luigi's Creative Carnival, a Game Jam

To celebrate the New Year launch of a community that is seeking fan game content (not just Super Mario) as well as Indie content and general game development advice, we cordially invite you to participate in a game jam to get the creative juices flowing!

What is a game jam?
A game jam is a game design marathon that typically has a tight time restriction ranging from 24 hours to 72 hours or more. Theming and rules vary wildly from one jam to the next but all have a focus on game design and teamwork with voting at the end to determine the best entry.

What are the specifics of Luigi's Creative Carnival?
When is the event active?
Luigiā€™s Creative Carnival runs from Tuesday, January 1st 2019 to Tuesday, January 22nd 2019. Your project must be created within these dates and submitted by the 22nd to qualify.

What is the theme?
Luigi's Creative Carnival is, well, carnival themed. Your goal is to create a working prototype of a carnival game featuring your favorite video game characters or concepts. Creating a unique and fun combination will be key!

What can I use?
You can use any tool of your choice to make your prototype and may use any available outside resources at your disposal, including graphic rips and sound effects. However, the gameplay components of your project and the prototype itself must be created from start to finish during the game jam.

Can I recruit a team to work on my project?
Yes, however there is only one prize available so you will have to work out who gets it amongst yourselves if you win.

What is the prize?
The first place prize is a Game Maker Studio 2 Developer license valued at $99. The top three will also be featured in our newsletter with information about the developing teams and their projects.

How do I submit?
You may submit your project in the forum thread and to our game jam page on
It is now live!

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