Hello, welcome to the Minus World Hospital. I am the head physician, Dr. Minus World. I recently opened up my doors to respond to the overflow of patients at Yahoo Hospital. However, I forgot to hire staff outside of a janitor. I need some medical professionals to help me service all these patients. Normally I'd ask for a degree or some sort of certification but we don't have time for that.

Here's how things will work around here. I can handle most patients on my own but I will be trusting you guys with 3 cases each day. Respond to the thread with your advice, quoting which of the cases you are responding to. You can answer all three if you like, I don't care. I just need it done. At the end of the day I will come back and compile all of your answers into some sort of coherent response and send it back over to the guys at Yahoo Hospital. Feel free to argue with other doctors in the thread about how to solve the cases. It never hurts to get a second, third, or twentieth opinion.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here.

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