Finding a Smash Bros rep for each franchise

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basically just for the heck of it I’ll be listing my most wanted reps from each series, whether it be serious or a meme. probably the latter for half of these thanks to my lack of experience with them


And there you have it, feel free to post who you would include and/or explain why I have shit tastes.
i wanna have the bitch from the mega milk hentai as a rep for all degenerate virgin otaku such as myself
my extremely dumb ideas where i don't take any sort of logic into account
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mario - waluigi
donkey kong - funky kong
zelda - beedle
metroid - never played it
yoshi - pak e derm
kirby - the painter girl from kirby 64
star fox - idk krystal i guess
pokemon - hitmontop
earthbound - instead of adding an earthbound character, simply remove ness and lucas
f-zero - never played it
retro - tortimer, from the classic nes game super tortimer
fire emblem - genny
kid icarus - phosphora is cute but i think medusa would be cool
wario - ashley
metal gear - never played it
sonic - knuckles
pikmin - i mean, you've got olimar, you've got his friends as skins, you've got the pikmin as moves, what else is there, the bug guys??
animal crossing - "animal", a new villager echo with a couple dozen skins of different animal npcs
megaman - the blonde girl
wii - nikki
punch out - i dont think there are any girls in punch out so dont add anyone
pac-man - uhh mrs pac man i guess. like are there even any other pac man characters other than the ghosts
xenoblade - pandoria
street fighter - i guess chun li is the most likely but id really like makoto or elena
final fantasy - do something like mii fighters and let me import my character from ff14
bayo - never played it
splatoon - octoling
castlevania - never played it
super smash bros - what does this even mean, a super smash bros character, this IS super smash bros
new series - makoto but from idolmaster not street fighter
degenerate virgin otaku - the girl from that one where they play fighting games and then she shows up at his house
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(Jan 8, 2019 at 6:13 AM)Uniju Wrote: degenerate virgin otaku - the girl from that one where they play fighting games and then she shows up at his house

good news: she's already in a much better game
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