[Studio X - Day 11] - Blind Justice

Xavier [Director]

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I expected you guys to go through with it but you REALLY went through with it. Like, this was pretty brutal. Not really sure what to say about this besides...

[Image: WLTZpA3.png]

That I LOVE it! We got some great action scenes tonight, and I'm sure we're headed straight for the Oscars with this one! I can probably drop the whole "movie" angle now, but it's way too much fun, and forum threads are close enough, right? Classic Killing Game action, right here.

Anyway, the moment you've all been waiting for: It appears that @Terezi Pyrope has been found dead in the foyer of the Manor, with a horrible wound in her head. Awful stuff, but the metaphorical audience reading this thinks it's great, trust me!

Her role was the Ultimate Hero


I'll be nice and throw you all a bone though. If you vote correctly, you may choose one player and be immune to any attempts they make on your life during the next night phase. If the killer gets away with it, only they receive this bonus, and it is permanent.

So what's the holdup? Get busy with your little mystery, I have... things to do.

Case Files
-Terezi is lying in the manor foyer, her head caved in and with a massive, gaping, jagged wound in it.
-Next to her is a bloody bedsheet covered in knife wounds.
-The Animatronic Lab is trashed
-A large pool of blood sits near the Mystery Button
-There is a broken, bloody bottle of Jack Daniels near the pool of blood.
-A somewhat smaller pool of blood sits near the Greenhouse
-The pedestal holding the Button has been cleaved in two
-A Wendigo Animatronic is slumped on the ground on the third floor, a big dent in its head
-The East Bedroom Hall smells of marijuana
-The Practical Effect Workshop reeks of melted plastic

other info
[email protected]Shroomguy has been killed for being AFK.
-Horsin' Around is once again playing in the Screening Room
-The Immunity Light is sitting outside the Greenhouse, near the blood pool

The Map

[Image: FkcZzj1.png]

Room Descriptions:

[Image: DBrgdrR.png]

Room descriptions:

@Honoka Kosakatua
@Kaede Akamatsu

@Liz [Security Guard]
@Trip [Cameraman]
@Xavier [Director]

The investigation will end at 8 PM PST tomorrow..
Honoka Kosakatua
Investigate the animatronic and see if it's finally done for.
Xavier [Director]

(Jan 11, 2019 at 4:47 AM)Honoka Kosakatua Wrote:
Investigate the animatronic and see if it's finally done for.
The Animatronic up there has been destroyed beyond repair with the blow. It appears to be the one from Studio X.
Honoka Kosakatua
Investigate Terezi's body.
Kaede Akamatsu

[Image: nyaC33E.png]
Of all the people here, the hero had to die... Quite frankly...

[Image: m2E4IDy.png]
...I'm really glad that she died! I don't believe in that hero business: She definitely is, or was, hiding something from us! It's all details, at this point. Let's focus on the crime itself.

[Image: Hql5o3J.png]
I'll admit! I tried to kill her tonight. Had a plan involving flashlights and a stab, but it didn't work, all because she had the same thoughts about me: We both wanted each other dead.

By the Greenhouse, I wanted to lure the Producer into being a solid alibi for me. By flashing a certain flashlight at the only non-immune person in the studio, I'd make him hallucinate a fight between me and the victim. I'd pretend to get grabbed, push off the attacker, then stab them in the back, all this in a series of events that couldn't be seen well by the third party.

However, the plan failed! I didn't factor in that other people would want to kill poor little me...

[Image: hhDRyZS.png]
It's terrible! How could you guys do such a thing! I even got hurt by that broken bottle! I was bleeding like no tomorrow, I really thought I was going to die! That bitch fled the scene really fast, too. To think I would have died by such a pathetic murder attempt...

I collapsed right after. When I woke up, the Producer was still there. I had to leave and go somewhere safe...

As I passed by the Animatronic Lab, another Wendigo with a red hat tried to throw a table at me! A damn table, of all things! Thankfully, I dodged it. Afterwards, I went by the Workshop, then upstairs, to my room.


[Image: xLpX7OV.png]
And that was my night! I'm glad I didn't kill her. We get to put the blame on someone else, instead!

[Image: FfCe4dc.png]
Oh, but what about before I went to the Greenhouse? I simply went to say hi to Liz at the Guard Station. Small talk, really. Trip was at that big button room. No idea what he was doing there. I also saw the "Director", and Teddie, by the Train Set.

And that's how it went!
Xavier [Director]

(Jan 11, 2019 at 5:13 AM)Honoka Kosakatua Wrote:
Investigate Terezi's body.
Terezi's skull has been caved in from a heavy blow, and there is extremely heavy bruising around her neck as well. The highlight of the scene is a massive wound in her head, creating a hole of gore leading clean through. You aren't sure what caused it.
Larry Foulke

[Image: sn4FetC.jpg]

You know. You really shouldn't have done that, blondie.
Honoka Kosakatua
Well. This night wasn't QUITE as successful as I expected, but hey. I've got some very interesting toys to play with this day!

I woke up, ready to figure out what the shit was up with the retina scanner. And if that required some extreme violence, so be it! Getting up, I go downstairs and see Shoey in the Animatronic Room, eyes bright red. In celebration of our love, I help him up, then punch him. Then he punches me back. True love~ He heads into the Cold Storage, while I go off on my hunting expedition.

Seeing Trip by the button, I wave to him and go to the Guard Station. I talk to Liz to be polite, but then I hear a scream - running to the Greenhouse, I see Kaede on the ground, Terezi and the Producer next to her. Terezi's got a broken bottle, and I just won't stand for that! Grabbing my shovel, I watch Terezi cowardly run away to the button, and chase her down. I catch up to her at the button and shovelchop her in the neck, and she starts wheezing, injured but not yet dead. Before I can finish the job, though, a Wendigo walks through the room.

It's fucking time.

I chase after the Wendigo to the Workshop, then to the Trophy Room, where I pass Gnome as he heads downstairs with a flashlight strapped to his head. As I catch up to it at the walkway, I bring the full force of my shovel upon its head, and I lug it into the trophy room and then workshop, where MCD is now 3D printing. As I cut through the button room, I see a pool of blood on the floor, and I reach the elevator shaft. Lugging the Wendigo upstairs with all my strength as I climb the elevator, I meet MCD on 3F, who has a grappling hook and a Trip with him. I try the wendigo and find... I broke the animatronic. Doesn't even HAVE retinas.

I sigh and leave it there, as I rappel down to the basement and loot Alex Jones. He doesn't have anything worthwhile, though, so I leave his body there to rot. Climbing back up, I go to the Guard Station to get Liz, and head over to the Manor with her. We enter and find a weird flashlight, seeing someone lying in the foyer on the other side of the Gun Room. Probably Terezi's corpse, honestly. We cross the courtyard, and as Liz stands guard, I use the secret passage that I know about because... hmm. How do I know about that? It feels like I learned it in a past life...

Well, whatever. Going through it, I enter the remains of some kind of a study. It's got a large desk, which has a weird-ass speaker-esque device with a button, and a DVD. Snatching it up, I go back and check with Liz, who hasn't seen anything. As we leave, I see a large antlered figure entering the central tower from the east. Get over here and face me, motherfucker!

Anyhow, I leave through the Train Set, and deciding to mix it up for the night, I sleep in one of the bedrooms on that side.

Shine the flashlight I found in Shoey's eyes.

Use the computers in Editing and Effects to play the DVD.

[Image: fTmt00O.png]
...Another body? I'm... not really feeling it at this point anymore, guys. Oh well.

...I left my room and get instantly punched in the face by Shoey. He seemed pretty high. He rushed off down the stairs and we were basically going the same way, so I followed him.

Saw Kaede in the train set, along with the director who was doing something with the train? Not sure what.

I headed over to the practical effects area while Shoey headed to the lab. Guess he was the one who trashed it. I saw MCD and Trip working on something in the workshop, using the 3D printer. No idea what...

...I'll be honest, I waited around in Editing and Effects to try and... well... you all saw the motive. Thankfully the person I was waiting for didn't show up.

I headed downstairs and ran into Shoey... who proceeded to run into me, and try to kick me in the head. I sprayed him with the pepper spray.

After that, I programmed the wendigo animatronic to just wander around the studio again.

Then, I went to bed for the night.
Terezi Pyrope
Since I have basically no time I can't write a fully detailed account, but:

- I 3D printed a bunch of shit in Practical Effects, incl. my grappling hook.
- While there, I saw:
- Trip, ofc
- Gnome, who just straight up stabbed me in the leg
- Honoka who was dragging the wendigo animatronic
- I didn't have a lot of time to put into my murder plan so I just decided to look around the studio and shoot "anyone but Honoka" with the grappling hook, then pin it on Honoka who has a grappling hook.
- I also hoped to grapple up the elevator and explore 3F. I only saw Honoka up there, trying and failing to retina scan the wendigo
- Perch leaves
- I try to retina scan Trip (who is somehow up there with me)
- It fails
- We both leave
- Horsin' Around
I'd like to compare the wound on Terezi's head to the wound that's on that animatronic!

Also, I'm... really curious about that button now.

is there any signs of it being pushed or something? What happened to the podium?

I'd also like to ask someone like Trip or the Producer to push it-

It's definitely not because I'm scared of anything that could happen!
Honoka Kosakatua
Present my shovel, and compare it to the damage on the animatronic and the wounds on Terezi.

Also, investigate the manor scene where Terezi's body is.
Kaede Akamatsu

[Image: FfCe4dc.png]
Can we investigate (preferably with 2 people) the gun in the Final Dead Room? Has it been used at all?

[Image: m2E4IDy.png]
Oh, and that mysterious button! Trip, would you be so kind as to press it for us? I don't want to dirty my shoes with the blood lying around there.
i would like to attempt to force xavier or the producer to push the button instead of trip :(
Larry Foulke
SO like most nights I started off by smoking a little weed
then I left my room and punched that jerk teddie in the face (serves him right)
I see Kaede talking to xaiver by the train set
I head into the cold storage and start causing a quote on quote ruckus but sadly it was basically soundproof
I then see teddie and now I activate my trap card
I run out the door and start delivering a flurry of lethal roundhouse kicks
then teddie promptly pepper sprayed me (jerk)
My beautiful wife honoka comes and helps me up but then the bitch punches me
blind and enraged in a moment of weakness I strike her back
then I just kind of fuck off in the animatronics lab until a wendigo wearing a maga hat and sunglasses show up
creepy fucker doesn't want any weed so I just leave to take to bed
on my way back to bed I have a power nod with gnome who was in the train set
with my nights ambitions fulfilled I take to bed.

[Image: GYO6p77.jpg]

time to pop the fuck off

i went to kill shroomguy tonight, because im a badass murderer. ill kill anyone. im a killer. if i see you ill probably destroy you. im badass. please.

before i left my room i taped a flashlight to my head so i can blind people if they try to attack head on... i didnt have any other type of defense so this was the best i could do. when i left into the trophy room i saw honoka following the wendigo onto the walkway. then i see mcd and trip 3d printing something when i walk downstairs. i do a badass backflip handplant and stab mcd in the leg, wounding him irreparably, because im really scary like that. dont mess with me.

i head outside and see a puddle of blood by the button. probably nothing lol! i run over to shroomguys room to prepare for my sick ass assassination that i WILL do because i AM badass. as i go up to his bed to murder him forever, he tells me the sweetest thing ive ever heard. his words ring through my ears like a chorus. he successfully stops my murder. im a coward.

[Image: Djryw3t.jpg]

i go down to the trainset, literally about to burst into tears. shoey comes in from outside and he looks weird. we both lock eyes and im sure he can tell ill never be the same.

i strongly, yet sadly, gallop over to the effects room for some reason, and i run into that wendigo again standing near the button. he slashes the button stand with his axe because he thought he could intimidate me. he did. i ran away to my room. this was the worst day ever.
can we check terezi's skull to see if the wound is axe shaped
Xavier [Director]

(Jan 11, 2019 at 9:54 PM)Gnome Wrote:
can we check terezi's skull to see if the wound is axe shaped
Terezi's large wound doesn't appear to match an axe at all.

(Jan 11, 2019 at 5:39 AM)Honoka Kosakatua Wrote:
Shine the flashlight I found in Shoey's eyes.

Use the computers in Editing and Effects to play the DVD.
You shine the weird flashlight into Shoey's eyes. Sparks fly out of it, and nothing happens. Looks like it's broken.

You play the DVD on the computer. The screen shows the Janitor, just sitting here. He explains that the device you found alongside this DVD outputs a special sound frequency that counteracts the strange abilities of the Despair's Wish. He tells you that it's important if you wish to pursue it before the Director does. The video ends, and Xavier looks rather unimpressed.

(Jan 11, 2019 at 5:12 PM)Teddie Wrote:
I'd like to compare the wound on Terezi's head to the wound that's on that animatronic!

Also, I'm... really curious about that button now.

is there any signs of it being pushed or something? What happened to the podium?

I'd also like to ask someone like Trip or the Producer to push it-

It's definitely not because I'm scared of anything that could happen!
You compare Terezi's wound to the Animatronic's. It's near identical, except the animatronic's is a little deeper.

The button's podium appears to have been cleaved in half by a cutting instrument. The part with the button lies on the ground. You ask Trip to check it out, and he approaches nervously, pushing the button and running back to hide behind MCD.

Nothing happens. Either it never did anything, or the chop broke it. Great job, chopper.

(Jan 11, 2019 at 5:16 PM)Honoka Kosakatua Wrote:
Present my shovel, and compare it to the damage on the animatronic and the wounds on Terezi.

Also, investigate the manor scene where Terezi's body is.
You compare your shovel to the wounds. Both of them. It appears to be a perfect match to both.

You investigate the Manor foyer. Terezi lies there next to a bloody, stabbed up bedsheet, in a pool of her own teal-colored blood, which matches that of the bedsheet. Beyond the rubble and dust from the slow decay of the manor, not much is out of place here, although you notice that the front door is unlocked now, likely from the inside.

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