So did anyone finish the new Kirby Star Allies DLC

Because it is pretty good.

I think the game was in pretty good form by Wave 2, but Wave 3 was such a massive content update that it's hard not to move Star Allies up a few notches on the list.

All the meaningful content updates being playable characters was neat but there's no interesting game to use them in. The new level DLC wasn't terribly interesting though I liked its emphasis on secrets, it being a really obviously low resources rush job with no real original assets or variety in visuals hurt it bad. I'm also pretty unimpressed by the amount of times you have to fight the same really uninspired recycled bosses, too.

Fuck's sake, -Triple Deluxe- felt like a more original game than Star Allies wound up as. Even that has a Whispy Woods variant that feels new. Robobot also did a great job in raising expectations high as fuck by being basically the best Kirby game yet, so Star Allies being a rush job that turned into a rush job with rushed patches that don't actually fix any of the core problems with the game was a huge letdown.

Bless them for letting you play as all the Dream Friends they did include though.
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