[Journalist Jamboree] Article One: Sports/Olympics

Lotta Hart
With the advent of the Olympics in Japan coming up next year, we've got a request to write up about some of the Summer Olympics' finest sports. We're quite early on this, but the boss really wanted to get a sports article done for this issue. Baseball's a snooze fest this time around, Soccer ain't got any spotlight worth writing on, Football's relevant with the Superbowl comin' up soon, but our timing would only have us write gossip about the two contending teams, yadda yadda. Boss said to check out Hockey, but do any of y'all know about that sport? I sure don't!

Alright, so, the Olympics have a variety of events to write on. This is the first article I'm puttin' on ya guys, and there's lots to look at. Take your time to write something good! I want some pizzaz! Some oomph! Something that'll wow the readers and get them hyped up for an entire year, only for them to forget 'bout it one week before the 2020 Olympics happen.

Olympics Footage:

Based on this footage, I want you to:
- Write an article featuring two or three of the showcased events.
- Present them in a commentary style. Describe how well the performances were made, how the actions can make your jaw drop.
- Have a short abstract, intro and outro included, explaining about why the Olympics are fun to watch.
- Images (gifs included) are allowed, if you need to point out something to make your explanation more cohesive.
- Opinionated remarks are allowed. Please don't go too hard on them, however.
- No word limit. Note that a well balanced article will net you more points.

As indicated in the Introduction thread, deadline for this article is at the end of this garrison. Get a move on!

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