Metroid: The Text Adventure (Day Two)

Yeah, that's lifted.

>Go through the door on the right.

You go through the door on the right, and find... an elevator. It has two large buttons on it, UP and DOWN.
[Image: U7dyPAD.png]
DOWN!!!!!!!! DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DOWN

>Go down

You go down. You notice it's beginning to get uncomfortably hot as you do so, and you step off the elevator. There's a passage down, one to the right, and one up.
[Image: U7dyPAD.png]
Go closer to the passageways and see if it's particularly TOO hot going down each of them, and go through the one that's least climate-challenged.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]

>Check the passages

The passageway that goes down is far too hot to approach comfortably. You decide to go through the right passage instead.

Ahead of you looms a large lake, boiling and bubbling for a reason you're not entirely sure of. Across it is something you can't make out, while to your right is another door.
[Image: U7dyPAD.png]

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