[Journalist Jamboree] Article Two: Celebrity Gossip

Lotta Hart
Howdy! Looks like y'all are working hard on the Olympics article. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I've got the message to greenlight the next one: We're talking gossip.

Apparently, we've gone on a new low, to the point where we can be compared to those tabloid mags you see at every convenience store. Boss said to write an article about a scandal involving a Minus World member. I 'unno anything 'bout these Minus Worldies. Sounds like a nihilist cult, to me.

Here's the rules for this article:
- Make up a story about a Minus World member doing scandalous things. (Gimmickeer's Note: Please avoid involving real events involving a member. We're not here for harassing or blackmailing. Do this in good fun. Ask for consent, if necessary.)
- Dupes can be involved.
- Have a good hook! That's how we reel in the suckers.
- Images are allowed (Gimmickeer's Note: Again, no real pics of members, unless you ask for their consent, I guess.)
- No word limit, as usual.

This one should be easier to do. Y'all shouldn't have a problem with this one, I believe in ya!

If you have any questions, ask ahead.

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