[Journalist Jamboree] Article Four: Entertainment Review

Lotta Hart
Nearing the end of the announced tasks, my Boss told me to write some reviews of some movies or books I've digested through recently. Honestly, I've been too hog deep into taking photos of stuff. Y'know, lake monsters and the sort. Perhaps any of you have something to share?

Some points for you to follow:
- Review anything you've read, watched, played or listened to recently! Anything goes.
- No word limit or minimum.
- Pictures are allowed!
- [Gimmickeer's Note] Satire/Funny articles are encouraged, but you can make your review serious, as well.
- You cannot review Foodfight! (2012)
here is my review of pizza hut drink

they only have pepsi but i wanted dasani 0/6
fuck off mariopants

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