Minus World Gengar
Giant Chicken from Family Guy: Drops eggs on posts, he also fights with Peter in the background while the post is being read.
Alcoholic: Beer cans and wine stains appear on posts along with drunken rants
Satanic N64: N64 cartridges are strewn about the posts along with binary code that must be sounded out
Grizzly Bear: Honey and fish are on the posts. In addition, he makes bear sounds
Agent 00Gengar
Why the fuck do you just shout endless random ideas into the void? You never provide an explanation or try to support anything you're suggesting, you just vomit them out there. You do this everywhere I've seen you post.
Here's one I have

Yoko's tits from gurren lagann: 0 exp to cast. Or all exp to cast. One or the other. Post casted with this spell is nullified with a big ass png picture of Yoko from gurren lagann's tits complete with anime moans and gun shot sound effects. Not only will this get the person you are arguing with to shut the fuck up but you remain the victor because who wants to see or hear that shit?
Oh wait boss ideas. Okay well just make her spam her tits on post until enough people drill her hole

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