What should it be?
dating world... 2

but only if people are interested. if there isn't much energy for participation, i'll do a tour of los angeles landmarks and review them, playground garrison style
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Minus World Gengar
I could be the next Garrison, as I love to toy around with stuff. I could hand out badges, fight bosses, and run Minus World.
Agent 00Gengar
(Feb 24, 2019 at 10:35 PM)Minus World Gengar Wrote: I could be the next Garrison, as I love to toy around with stuff. I could hand out badges, fight bosses, and run Minus World.
Can you elaborate a bit more on what your plan is?
Minus World Gengar
I will make a boss appear once in a while, and also host some events, and call the Peaceful Pecan Pyramid the Organic Olive Ocean
Agent 00Gengar
Fun With Despair
vote for me and I'll run the "gengar isn't gimmickeer garrison" where we do nothing in particular but he's not in charge
vote for me and ill do the same as despair but ill also give a badge to everyone who voted for me
a fierce competition this time to be sure
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Minus World Gengar
Vote me and I'll do the Anti-Despair and Yrr campaign with my things that i'll do
Minus World Gengar
It will also be the same thing except neither of the two I mentioned will be in charge
Minus World Gengar
Also, free badges and items
Agent 00Gengar
Skinny Penis
ayyy what's poppin skinny gang

vote f or me! for nothin' particular just vote for ya boi, uh, skinny penis
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Snufferin Snagglepuss
My garrison is that we take the 2nd most garrison and run it, but the second that they eventually shut it down prematurely, I take over and turn it into my garrison but this time, I'll run it to the finish line.
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El Negro
My idea is that we run Seal's garrison then run Gengar's garrison then run FWD's garrison then run Yrr's garrison then vote for Skinny Penis then run Snuff's garrison then basically delete the garrison channel all on the same day
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Todd Howard
Hi, Todd Howard here. I’m announcing a brand new game from Bethesda Studios: Skyrim... for Minus World. But this is still in very early development, and the only way it will continue is if you, my loyal consumers, vote for me. Thank you.
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Minus World Gengar
If you vote me I'll give everybody who voted for me a badge called "Gengar's Awesome Crew"
Agent 00Gengar
i agree with skinny penis
we should vote f
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can we not do chaos garrison thats the only result i dont want
vote for seal for an actual idea that i have developed, planned, and intend to make time to execute for the good of the fine community here
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