The Dealer
Well you've all gotten a taste for the high life it seems, but it wouldn't be a game if all of you could win by doing nothing. While I'm not worried you'll all do nothing forever, the house may not last long enough for you to make your choices. So. During this night the Den and Museum will be cleaned up by servants. They will be working all night. You can share a chat if you like, but do try to let them do their job.

And finally, a little pressure to get the ball rolling.

If you attempt a murder tonight, I will tell you the mask of one player.

A decent reward for a game so early. The paranoia will never leave you as someone might know who you are beneath your mask from their greed for knowledge.

Greed. If it were not for greed, then who would play at this game?

[Image: Y5JuHuw.png]


[Image: N7QE96r.png]


[Image: ofGldrU.png]


Second Floor:
@Adell, @Coffee, @Bruno Bucciarati, @Francis Shoemaker, @Halo 2, @Two_Finger, @Misery the Inconvenient, @Grimm, @Mii, @Pohatu, @King Radical, @hexundev.

@Sebastian Michaelis, @Isabelle, @Tsumugi Shirogane, @"Momotaros", @MarioPants, @Junko, @Bill Cipher, @Rozalin, @Fortnite, @Slayer, @Reigen Arataka, and the final room @Cool Cat

Accounts will be due by the end of 3/5 AZT (That's like MST, but we don't do daylight savings)
There have been Dealers before but none so adept at the game as him.

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