Psalms of Planets: Eureka Seven [Re]Watch (Ep 1-3)

Tuesday, March 5th, I am starting a rewatch of Eureka Seven. Start time, unless those interested state a preference elsewise, will be at 6:00 PM CST 8:00 PM CST. Expecting the first three episodes at least. Please remark with preference if you'd like to the Funimation stream, or do syncplay with download batches provided by me if you wish to join in.
Get it by your own hands.
Todd Howard
Could 9-9:30 PM EST work instead?

e: too lazy to switch accounts just assume this is mfan
Definitely could, but then our friend @Jetamo would suffer. I probably wouldn't mind doing two hostings of it.
Get it by your own hands.
That time'd work for me anyway, but I don't even know if I won't be roped into something at that time.

[Image: ybpjq8e.png]
Reminder: We're now going to begin the watch today at 8:00 PM CST at the earliest; 8:30 PM CST at the latest.
Get it by your own hands.

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