Super Mario Prism - 3D Mario Fangame

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The Sprixie princess has been trapped in one of the painting worlds! It is now up to Mario to rescue her by collecting the power stars to restore color to the paintings in this 3D platformer!

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neat tech demo, id love to see it with the final graphics/audio and with some cleaned up physics and proper levels!
Your games have always had a problem where Mario was too slippery to control precisely, and it's much more of a problem with three axis of movement instead of just two.
I released a quick update to Super Mario Prism (v1.0.1) to address common complaints:
-Tweaked the physics.
-Sped up some animations
-Fixed some bugs.
-Disabled Unity's axis smoothing on keyboard controls.
-Disabled more special effects on low quality settings.
(Mar 17, 2019 at 6:49 PM)Hello Wrote: -Tweaked the physics.
I'm not really sure but it seems like Mario has a much wider turn radius now which is the opposite of what I was hoping the changes would be.
One thing I'll say is that the screenshots look really nice! I get Super Mario 64-ish vibes for sure. The gameplay and the animations need a lot of work though. This is the problem with a lot of 3D fangames - the focus becomes "look, I made a 3D fangame" and not enough attention is payed to how everything in the game works together. People don't apply the same level of polish to 3D games because they think it's already impressive enough that they're working with 3D in the first place. Maybe that was true 10 years ago, but not so much now.

3D is an insanely complex medium compared to 2D; I mean there's quite literally a whole other dimension to worry about. The reason most people don't take on projects like this is that it's almost impossible for a single developer to handle. I've personally spent hours tweaking physics in a 2D game just to make it fun to play, and I can't even imagine how much extra work is required to accomplish the same thing in 3D.

All things considered, you've got something interesting here, but it's not a finished game. If you work on this for a few more months and release it as "Hello Engine 3D" - or even a 3D variant of Mario Maker - you can really make an impact. I think your primary goal right now should be trying to match the physics (weight, acceleration, etc) of Super Mario 64 while also studying animation. Your Mario is super floaty, and he doesn't actually bend his legs when he jumps. These are things that only work in a 2D game with sprites.
Update now that I've actually played the thing: I think it's a lot better than how it looks in the video, but most of my criticism still stands. Physics and movement are just really hard to get right in 3D. But, this is the best attempt at a "from scratch" 3D Mario game I've ever seen, for what it's worth. Most people just modify SM64 because it already controls perfectly
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Released another update (v1.0.2) with more fixes.
-Tweaked the physics. (Definitely not slippery)
-Fixed some bugs.
-Added some normal maps that were missing.
I think it still feels slippery, but a lot of that might be due to the fact that Mario's model turns to face the direction your analog stick is pointed instead of the direction he is actually moving.
Released another update (v1.0.3) with more fixes.
-Mouse camera controls.
-Physics tweaks.
-Bug fixes.

This will be the final update for Super Mario Prism. The rest of the physics improvements would break this game's level design if I included them, so I will release the updated physics in a separate new game with new levels later on.
sequel confirmed
@Hello please add FLUDD to the next one
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