The Dealer
Well a successful investigation. When you put your noses to the grindstone you can really do interesting things. With 2 less guests in one night perhaps it's time to liven things up before more of you leave. I will be hosting a Ballroom dance in the Main Foyer with everyone invited. Should your participate with your PARTNER, I will even grant the both of you a role buff. This includes Rival roles as well. Should you not know your partner... Well this is a good chance to find out who's missing one or take a guess now, would it not? Or you could just attempt a murder, which will net you the same reward.

If you attempted the previous night please state which item you would like at the beginning of your submission tonight.

[Image: Y5JuHuw.png]


[Image: N7QE96r.png]


[Image: ofGldrU.png]


Submissions will close within 24 hours.

Second Floor:
@Adell, @Coffee, @Bruno Bucciarati, @Francis Shoemaker, @Halo 2, "Two_Finger", "Misery the Inconvenient", @Grimm, @Mii, @Pohatu, @King Radical, @James.

@Sebastian Michaelis, @Isabelle, @Tsumugi Shirogane, @"Momotaros", @MarioPants, @Junko, @Bill Cipher, @Rozalin, "Fortnite", @Slayer, @Reigen Arataka, and the final room @Cool Cat
There have been Dealers before but none so adept at the game as him.
Oh, finally, an event befitting this place. Don't blame me if I steal the show.

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