Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition One Shot

Hey y'all, I want to run a one shot of 5e. Now, due to the nature of the game, it really won't work as a text RP, so we'll use a Discord to talk and Roll20 for any who can only type.

Now, if you aren't sure what Dungeons and Dragons it is, it is a "pen and paper" tabletop role-playing game where there are a set of players that set out on an adventure! One is the Dungeon Master - me in this case - who guides the other players through the adventure by making sure rules are followed and fabricates the world in response to what the other players do. If they decide to go down the left side of a split path, it is up the the DM to determine what is down there and if anything happens to them along the way. The DM also handles NPCs and enemies. The players have a ton of freedom to freely act and impact the world with guidelines of what they are laid out as classes. These classes can be freely reflavoured to match a concept the player may want for their character they are playing as.

A one shot is a one-off adventure that resolves itself in the singular session. If people are interested and enjoy the one-shot, we can either continue the story or begin a whole new adventure - likely from one the official adventure books.

If you're interested in the one shot, then feel free to join the Roll20, which is where the actual gameplay will take place:

If you are new to DnD, no problem! I have been playing 3.5e and 5e for over a decade and I can help you out! Just ask! You don't even need to buy anything to get started, as the basic rules are available here:

There is also a resource guide at 5etools.com and my only limitation is that if it is Unearthed Arcana content that you run it by me before using it. It is also laid out much more complexly, so if you need help, again, just ask me.

Please state what's a good day you can play, and the time frame there in, and we'll arrange to have the most people playing on a day and set the exact date soon. I've posted this to MFGG as well. Level 3 starting.
Get it by your own hands.

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count me in

my schedule's inconsistent but typically saturday/sunday afternoons/evenings are good unless I have to work
maybe but god knows if id be able to play at the same time as anyone else

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