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Been meaning to get a post up for this for a while.

Every Tuesday @ 8pm EST (or whatever timezone new york is currently in) @Renzo "The Renz" Kukenson is streaming: video games. At the moment the "regular stream" has been single player games, he just finished up Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and the plan is to start Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes this Tuesday. There's also some less-regular streams, we tend to do jackbox every other week and there's multiplayer game streams that people can join in if they want too. He ran a smash ultimate tournament in January and wants to do another one as well.

Check it out if that's your thing! There's a good amount of clips and archive videos too- he's also done Super Metroid, Bloodbourne, Super Mario RPG, a bit of Yakuza 0 and maybe some other things I don't remember???

edit: oh and i forgot the most important part. Knuckles is his cat, he relatively recently got a second camera for Knuckles when Knuckles is around so he doesn't have some weird angle trying to fit both Characters in. The cat is good my friends, the real star of the show.
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