I love the game Super Princess Peach, but I will finally admit this...

...I actually feel bothered by the negative reception surrounding this game.

To the point where I actually feel uneasy talking about it.

Now, that's not to say I believe these people or anything, but the truth is, it's been making my brain feel like it's just as bad as they claim it to be, even though my heart would say otherwise.

Now, please keep in mind that this game was developed by TOSE, so hopefully that can get some confusion out of the way just in case you were unsure who made it, etc.

Here's some of my main concerns for this game from those people so far. Note that these are in spoilers specifically because they link to content as a whole that may be inappropriate for some viewers.

Now, I really do think the game itself is very well designed for an outsourcer, because I really do believe that they wouldn't have been able to create an incredible Princess Peach game even if they wanted to and/or willing to, and besides, this would be because outsourcers are for big-name companies to safely test their ideas, etc. and so you can't really expect them to be professional. But again, I could really use some help knowing the truth surrounding this controversy so I can be set straight here. Thanks again anyway. Sorry if I came off as just spouting out, but again, I really do need help here, honestly.

Thanks for the info, I really do hope you can set me straight here.
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