ok before you call me a fucking boomer for caring hear me out... like 3 years ago there was hardly any lewd threads on FG, at least I dont remember any. But now its like every other thread is like "WHICH FAVORITE CHARACTER ABOVE WOULD YOU FINGERBLAST THE HARDEST AND WHAT ARE YOUR TOP 5 FETISHES", like what happened? Are all the threads made by horny teens now? Or is it the "no sex talk in CD" rule? Or am I just out of touch with whats hip and cool to talk about? (the no sex talk rule is bullshit by the way, now kids just go to FG to talk about sex, im serious go there and check. You cant just stop em from talking about sex theyre gonna do it somewhere)

Also mods this isnt a sex thread, its about why so many sex threads exist in FG and I guess what we can do about it since you all seem to be so anti sex thread
I don’t have the slightest idea

unrelated but I would sleep with trip in a heartbeat
what the fuck is fg
im gay
god i have to piss
im gonna fingerblast mariopants until his plumber prostate is overloaded with pleasure and he shoots energy swords and gravity hammers everywhere
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