Official Cdiplayer wedding thread I guess?

Hey all! So as many of you know, for the last two years I was engaged. As of February 6th, I am now married! The wedding was pretty small and intimate, only about 20 people at the local courthouse with a judge officiating. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from the actual ceremony, as my sister in law has the camera and has neglected to send them to me. However, after the wedding we got our official portraits taken at a photography studio.

[Image: Qf4pfs0.jpg]

[Image: PDTTazG.jpg]

[Image: ELj9P42.jpg]

[Image: Kgsha4D.jpg]
Now, before I actually get into the wedding itself, you may notice that I am not wearing a normal suit in those pictures. I had planned to wear my 1200 dollar Saks Fifth Avenue Suit that I'd had since high school to the wedding, but I stupidly put it in my checked luggage. When I arrived in Los Angeles I was told that my connecting flight to Manila would be delayed due to the fact that the day before a plane had been struck by lightning and they had to try and fit as many passengers from that flight onto this one as they could. When we finally reach Manila I only have 45 minutes to reach my connecting flight to Davao, and I still have to recheck my luggage. It is at this point that I am informed that my checked luggage has been left behind, and was sent to Honolulu instead because they did not have enough space on the plane. I'm freaking out but they tell me I can just deal with it when I get to Davao. So I get to Davao and they tell me they will have my luggage in 4 or 5 days, not good, I'm getting married in two days! I tell my soon to be wife Diane about this and decide to just go to the mall and get a cheap 20 dollar suit. Diane then suggests that instead of buying some cheap suit I'll never wear again I should buy a Barong, the traditional wedding outfit for men in the Philippines. I thought this was a great idea and we headed to the mall to find a cheap one. I must say, in the tropical climate of the Philippines Barongs make a lot of sense. Anyway, on to the actual wedding.
First off, we were supposed to have the ceremony in the actual courtroom, but due to maintenance in another courtroom another judge had commandeered the one we were supposed to get married in. As a result we had to get married in the Judge's office. In addition, the date was double booked, so we ended up sharing our ceremony with another couple that were getting married at the same time. The guy was wearing a t shirt and jeans, the girl a normal sundress. The guy was in his 40s, she was in her 20s. It became clear very quickly that they were getting married because he had gotten her pregnant and he wasn't terribly enthusiastic about the whole thing. We had both written our own vows for the wedding, but unfortunately the judge had premade vows that we had to use due to time constraints. We ended up reading the vows we had written ourselves at the reception which was a buffet dinner held at our hotel. A few days afterwards we headed off to Singapore with her sister and mother for a week long vacation and had a blast! It was the first time her sister had been outside of the Philippines and I think she really enjoyed it. We then returned to the Philippines and a few weeks later just the two of us returned to Singapore for our honeymoon to board a cruise ship, the Norwegian Jewel! It was my wife's first cruise ever, and my first cruise in over a decade. Over the next two weeks we stopped in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. To my great shock, my favorite country on the trip was Vietnam! Just a beautiful country, wonderful people, and much more open than I'd expected. If anyone would like to see pictures from the cruise just let me know, I have tons!

[Image: F39GbTB.png?1]
Congratulations man! You've always been a go-getter and seeing you achieve the happiness you want has been a nice little perk of being a member here.

Best of luck to you two!
congratulations cdiplayer. sounds like it was a challenging road but seems like it was worth the anxiety. best wishes brother

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