Snufferin Snagglepuss
And in bold please.
"Let's play our lives away!"
Halo 2
francis shoemaker. right time, right place for it if it wasnt me or mariopants Francis is innocent, working out my next vote now
Francis Shoemaker is the guilty party.
Halo 2
I’m voting Francis Shoemaker again as some new order of events has come to light.
voting francis shoemaker to DIE
King Radical

Honestly? I'd prefer it if we didn't vote Francis, if only I can book him in for a royal appointment. Just me, him, and Excoolibur.
Reigen Arataka
Voting Ryutaros
"When things go south, it’s ok to run away!"
-Reigen Arataka, Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century.
Francis Shoemaker
Vote: Ryu
King Radical
I retract my abstain, and vote Ryutaros.
Bruno Bucciarati
Arrivederci, Ryutaros.
I've gotta change it up to Ryutaros. Really, how could it be anyone else? I'm sorry dude.
Tsumugi Shirogane
Ryutaros...sorry, looking at everything it really seems like it's you.
I would also like to vote for Ryutaros.
It does to look like Ryutaros as our most likely killer at this point, though King and Francis shouldn't be free of suspicion until Dealer gives the final word.
The Dealer
The Dealer
Well that was rather emotional. I must say that this was a rather lively investigation but perhaps not in quite the manner I was expecting. Nonetheless, the passion some of you show for refusing to be told down and following the fold is noted and commended. Whether you are right or wrong it matters most that you did what you think is truth, right?... Well what was the truth?

The truth hurts. I hope you all recall my warning about having some hastily made murders in attempts to dodge my incentives. I even gave you an additional warning in this incentive. And it worked extremely well. There was no one that suffered the additional FA that did not also suffer Amnesia. You pacifists will have to deal with both however. But there was one murder that may not have been expected to go through, and it was indeed the ever so simple strangling of Bill Cipher. The vote on Ryutaros is undoubtedly majority and prove he is in fact GUILTY. The case against him was quite strong, it's a surprise he managed to evade majority for so long, but eventually your lies catch up to you, as do your quick murders. There was no trickery here, he simply returned to his room and strangled the first person he saw between rooms. How ironic that this happened to be another guest looking to quickly hide in their room!
So Ryutaros, you won't be writing any more news for me. Can't say I'm disappointed, but you did your duty. I'll take that Mole mask and your card, A Hermit you were and A hermit you'll be, an outsider to a group of bonding seekers of truth to which you simply weren't welcome. Good bye.

Ryutaros begins to try and protest, looking for any way out, pleading to the guests that something was wrong, or that he was set up. No one seems to be having it and the Dealer waves him off with a flick of a rolled up newspaper, only a few sentences long. The door opens suddenly and a huge swarm of microphones and cameras carried upon legs swarm in around Ryutaros, drowning out his cries for salvation. As the mob of interrogative mics and cameras envelops him, it files out just as quickly as it came in, with Ryutaros stuck in their midst. The Doors close.

How noisy. But at least he had spirit. Don't get too comfortable now, we're past the half way point where your mettle will truly be tested.
There have been Dealers before but none so adept at the game as him.

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