The Dealer
That chill in the air the previous night. You all felt it. Well it was a warning. A signal of what was about to come. Tonight is GHOST NIGHT, where those who were murdered return to the mansion, eager to enjoy one last revel. What of the guests that left? Well they'll return too of course. They'll each be stuck in their mask they were given and wandering about. Now don't worry about them getting touchey feely, I'll make sure the ghosts play nice and those masks are on blindingly tight. Well, I will, if you attempt tonight, otherwise our unwanted guests have free reign in what they do to you. Except murder. But their hindrance might lead to your death, so do be careful.
Oh and one last warning. They might be dead, but aside from killing the living, they can do just about everything they could do in life. Hopefully you didn't upset the dead Ultimate Muscle Man. Hahaha.

The ominous and foreboding feel in the mansion is palpable tonight.

[Image: Y5JuHuw.png]


[Image: N7QE96r.png]


[Image: ofGldrU.png]


You have until 48 hours from now (midnight 5/4) to prepare yourself. Don't waste it.
And any questions about the ghost night and incentive, direct to me.

Second Floor:
"Adell", @Coffee, @Bruno Bucciarati, @Francis Shoemaker, @Halo 2, "Two_Finger", "Misery the Inconvenient", "Grimm", "Mii", "Pohatu", @King Radical, @James.

@Sebastian Michaelis, @Isabelle, @Tsumugi Shirogane, "Ryutaros", @MarioPants, @Junko, "Bill Cipher", "Rozalin", "Fortnite", "Slayer", @Reigen Arataka, and the final room "Cool Cat"
There have been Dealers before but none so adept at the game as him.
Halo 2
god dammit just when I thought I was finally free of Bill
Bill Cipher
Misery the Inconvenient
Think you had me gone? I'll let you in on a little secret... I never lose. And this time, I'm not gonna go soft on you all. My next form is totally unstoppable, a real terror!
Attendance is highly reccomended

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