The Dealer
Well we've got a bit of a thin herd here and you've all gotten to know each other well... Too well. In fact, are your masks even useful anymore? I commend you for keeping tr-... For making everyone admit what they have, but why keep around old party favors that have no use tonight. So let's make this night a night to remember. The bold will surely be favored.


Yes, ticking time bombs. When will they blow up? Well, if you ATTEMPT then you get to choose when and where. So long as you get it there of course. But even if you don't you'll have a good head start where I 'promise' to not detonate them early. Perhaps I'll even give you a replacement mask of something new if you please me tonight. Who knows how useful a new mask would be at this point.
And if you don't attempt? Well then you better hope that you voted correctly and time your invulnerability for the detonation! Oh, and don't try to just leave your mask in your room. I forgot to mention that your mask will be stuck on your person unless you pass it off to someone else, or sabotage someone else.
Tonight is the night to get the ball rolling. Sorry for being so straight forward.

So to summarize; Your masks will blow up tonight (lethally). Attempting gives you control over when, remotely, otherwise it's random. You cannot ditch your mask unless it's sabotage or passing the buck (You may sabotage me too, but I will not be taking those masks until afterwards.) If I'm pleased by your night, I'll give you a replacement mask at your request.

The clocks are ticking, Once the 16th ends your time is up.

[Image: Y5JuHuw.png]


[Image: N7QE96r.png]


[Image: ofGldrU.png]


People who fail to dispose of their masks before the time runs out will not get trials.

Second Floor:
"Adell", @Coffee, "Bruno Bucciarati", "Francis Shoemaker", @Halo 2, "Two_Finger", "Misery the Inconvenient", "Grimm", "Mii", "Pohatu", @King Radical, @James.

"Sebastian Michaelis", @Isabelle, @Tsumugi Shirogane, "Ryutaros", @MarioPants, @Junko, "Bill Cipher", "Rozalin", "Fortnite", "Slayer", @Reigen Arataka, and the final room "Cool Cat"
There have been Dealers before but none so adept at the game as him.

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