So since this place has been getting less action than teenage me I had an idea just now while I was in bed to make a sort of general thread where people can come here and post what's been up with them as far as their life. Things like what they've been working on, things they've accomplished, worries, goals, etc. Seems like a great way to interact with the community and also contribute to the forum without the pressure of "uhhh idk what to talk about" cause..i mean what's easier to talk about than your own life??


Yeah and no one fucking posts there. The last thread was made by Gengar shut the fuck up pussy.

With that out of the way, let's get rolling!


So what's been good with me?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Kidding. I've been dabbling and playing around with programming for the past maybe month or so. I really plan on getting serious with it these next couple days since I'll have some free time. It feels good to create and get a better understanding of how software applications are formed/how they work and the like! I've also been trying to rekindle my artistic flame I had when I was a little bit younger by just drawing when I get the chance even if it's for 10min. Also been writing too which some consider art, it might be im too lazy to google.

What else?

I'm getting things in gear to go back to school in the fall time and finally get my associates and bachelors(most likely wont get this till spring next year). Took a year off to work and "find myself"(play senran kagura and smoke weed). Got some great job opportunities lined up in the mean time and in general I feel like I'm finally figuring out what I want out of life. Starting a little late which sucks but better late than never.

So that's all I got. Your turn!
Oh yeah; you don't gotta go in much detail or in depht either. You can post

"Just got a new dog. Lit"

and that's good enough.
just drank some powerade. lit
just graduated from my junior year. I’m in the endgame now
Growing a lot of plants. Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, melons, peas, runner and broad beans...

god i need so much water

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nm dude hbu
I went back to college and got an A in my first class back. I’m really pumped about that, because my last college class was back in 2015 and ended with me getting an F and flunking out. It’s amazing what a difference your health makes. Before, I struggled for C’s, now I feel like I can easily just cruise to an A.

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just took a sh*t
today i learned how to do a breast self exam so that was neat. i stopped by one of these express clinics we have in walgreens for some skin thing that ended up being just a particularly nasty pimple. doctors and people in general up here seem more open to transgender people compared to los angeles which is nice.

oh also my blood pressure is much better than it was the last time i got it checked. last time i was a little bit above the healthy range, but today the nurse even commented that my blood pressure is very well within healthy so thats good. exercising more and eating better has been working out pretty well!
Good shit Seal, it's crazy what working out and watching what you eat will really do to your body. Keep it up : )

Nothing much to report thus far, just been busy working and trying to replace bad habits with good ones. One crazy thing is I called the administration for a college I attended and turns out I might've been over on the credits I actually needed. So basically; I could potentially receive my Associates which would be dope as fuck; then all I'd need is my bachelors which I'm almost done with anyway. We'll see what happens.

Have a good rest of the week my g's
I'm proud of Seal for living that better life!

Speaking of which, I should go out for a walk. It's a perfect day outside! Later nerds!

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the city finally picked up our damn recyclables so i was finally able to get rid of my bicycle box and amazon boxes hit f fellas

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