Final Night: The Dealer's Revenge

The Dealer
You had your chances to play the game, but it was just one abuse after the other, total disregard for the intentions in a mad dash for freedom, for victory, for some stupid badge. Well this game knows how to fight back, and I plan to give it all the tools it needs to take you down, and ensure that it remains victorious. This is the final night, you either overcome this last trial and stand victorious over the game, or fail just like your friends.

All of the masks the Dealer has collected float behind him spinning in air
And unfortunately for you, your friends are on my team.

(Hi guys, it's me! The game host trapped in the basement. The dealer has gone crazy and doesn't plan to let anyone leave! Not a single one! But I believe in you, and I've got some tips for you. Just don't tell the Dealer his own game is cheating against him.
There's only one key to open the door. If you plan on leaving through the front door, you need that key. DO NOT LET THE DEALER GET IT.
All attempts tonight are guaranteed unless circumvented by another, better, more fortunate attempt. Thus, the better attempts you make, the better off you are to survive! If you don't attempt, the Dealer might take advantage of your pacifism, so be careful!
You may attempt on the Dealer. Fortunately Slayer broke his shield early in the game, but he's not kidding with those masks! Don't expect to get him with a simple attempt against his magic, and don't forget this is still a partner kg!
Everything you do tonight will have consequences, so be careful! This is the last and final CHAOS NIGHT.)

Enough time has been wasted, each and everyone of you will face the game's wrath. I'll give you one warning though. Don't try and form more than teams of two. After all, this is all for partners and no more than them alone. You will regret the consequences otherwise.

The house begins to rumble and shake as it tries to hold the Dealer in from the outside world. Time is running out!

[Image: Y5JuHuw.png]


[Image: N7QE96r.png]


[Image: ofGldrU.png]


Submission close at the end of June 2nd pst.

Second Floor:
"Adell", "Coffee", "Bruno Bucciarati", "Francis Shoemaker", "Halo 2", "Two_Finger", "Misery the Inconvenient", "Grimm", "Mii", "Pohatu", @King Radical, "James".

"Sebastian Michaelis", @Isabelle, @Tsumugi Shirogane, "Ryutaros", @MarioPants, "Junko", "Bill Cipher", "Rozalin", "Fortnite", "Slayer", "Reigen Arataka", and the final room "Cool Cat"
There have been Dealers before but none so adept at the game as him.
Tsumugi Shirogane

Yeah, I'm not interfering anymore. Do what you need to do, you three, but please just wait a while before getting rid of me. There's something I want to do before my time is up...


And after I finish mourning..........

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