Final Night RESULTS: The Turnabout

The Dealer
The Dealer floats about the main foyer, eager to make sure no one escapes. His laughter echoes across the floor as he waits for the first guest to try their hand against his Royal Flush of masks.

The Royalty himself, King Radical pick ups his skateboard, his Rad Sword, and his good looks as he kicks himself down the hall, picking up speed. Isabelle gets up from the grand hall and returns to her room where she suits up with body armor, her military rifle, and plenty of ammunition before marching out her door. Tsumugi pulls out a photograph from her belongings before staring emptily at a photograph. She sheds a single red tear and then her room goes dark.

Mariopants stands up from in front of the door, still on fire, and sees the Dealer floating in the room. Getting up, he begins to waddle towards the stairs down. One of the masks notices him and begins spitting out smoke bombs. "You can't win! We'll get to see you shatter tonight." Pelted by the bombs mariopants chokes and trips down the stairs, passing by Isabelle in the smoke who dashes through, fully prepared for a duel of fates. Opening fire with her uzi she pelts the Dealer from behind with a few shots, shattering three masks that take the bullets. Hoping the distraction was enough she turns to the door to see. It's still on fire. Cursing, she dives into the coat room to avoid more smoke bombs. Taking her place, King Radical comes skating out onto the balcony and uses his grappling hook to ensnare the smoke bomb spitting mask as he does a wicked grind down the railing. With a quick whip the mask shatters against the guard rail, propelling him forward. A second, plague doctor-esque mask shoots forward, a floating claw made of solid gold and gems next to it and swipes at King Radical. He blocks the strike with his sword and launches himself down stairs.

Mariopants waddles into the showroom, grabbing some sort of dragon figurine as a robed figure unknowingly passes the room and circulates around the Grand Hall. As King Radical comes blazing down the rails, he reaches the end of the room at the same time as the robed figure. Completely concealed they make no moves until he reaches for the gem on the ground. A dagger flings from the cloak, impaling his hand to the floor. Stuck in place the King screams treason as the figure moves closer. They scoop up the gem and pull out a dangerous looking hammer, preparing their blow for King Radical's head. With a mighty swing. Clang! It bounces right off his head. With a few moments of invulnerability left King Radical Pulls the dagger out and careens his fist in to the figure's face. The mineral flies in the air as he leaps to catch it.

Isabelle continues surpressing fire against the Dealer, shattering a few more masks one after the other. A few poker cards whizz past and impale themselves near Isabelle's hiding place. She desperately thinks of a way to get rid of that fire by the door. With a quick idea, she dashes over to the dining room and begins pulling off the table cloth.

Mariopants waddles up the stairs, glaive prepared and dragon figurine in his hand. When he reaches the top of the stairs he and the Dealer lock eyes. Some more playing cards shoot out from the dealer and strike the pants, but he takes the dragon, breaks the tail, and tosses it at the dealer. A tremendous plume of fire erupts from the dragons mouth and sprays all across the room. Using the blaze to his advantage he keeps his distance and strikes at the masks on the outside of the sweeping flames. With more than half of his masks gone the Dealer roars with rage and blows mariopants back with the shock wave, sending him into the trophy room.

Back in front of the ??? room the King spends the last moments of invulnerability to place the mineral in the walls of the ??? room. With a grating sound of stone gears moving, the wall slides away to reveal a room with only a stone crypt. The center of the room houses a large stone sarcophagus just begging to be opened. His thievery at the ready, King Radical runs over and shoves off the lid, hoping for some game changing loot. Instead he finds a body, darkened like a silhouette.
King radical looks outside, thinking back to his friends... Which is none of them. The king turns to the figure and replies "Assuming you aren't lying to your soverign, It's going to be just me. No one else."
Scowling at the uncool loser person he turns to his hands and holds up his skateboard. "She's coming with me."
"Sorry" King interrupts "You can't tell a king what to do. Not Rad enough." He flashes his shades.

The cloaked figure gets up just in time to see King Radical skating into the hallway, giving them the deuces finger guns. Growling in rage, they chase after them. King reaches the stock room, jumps into the dumbwaiter, and shoots his grappling hook up, sailing up the floors. The cloaked figure follow, climbing up the column with unnatural force.

Isabelle is back at the front door, using the large table cloth to smother the flames as the Dealer deals with fire of his own. With the task nearly down she checks her corners and sees the Dealer gaining focus as well as the pants re-entering the room. Needing more time she takes aim and...
Shoots the pants.
Unprepared for the sudden assault from aside he takes the bullets to his chest and falls over, barely alive, but not for long. The Dealer notices the gunshots and turns his attention to Isabelle, launching lightening from his fingers and assailing his masks to do the same. It'll take a few more minutes to finish off the rest of these masks. She continues laying down fire, ammunition to spare, but time running out.

Back in the dumbwaiter, the King makes a sudden turn around and plunges down the dumbwaiter column with his sword, aimed for his pursuing foe. They rapidly approach each other, but just as they are about to collide near the kitchen exit, the cloaked figure turns into a bat and escapes the plunge, sailing through the kitchen towards the main foyer. King Radical continues shooting downward. With a sick grin that no one gets to see, he pulls his own magic trick and confetti ports- right above the dealer.

Pinned down by Isabelle's relentless fire the Dealer is caught unprepared as a terminal velocity aspect of radicality comes plunging down, greatsword in hand. He stabs straight through the Dealer, killing him instantly. No shield to save him from this one. He stands atop the floating body as it convulses and shudders, tossing some sort of wand to mariopants' body and giving Isabelle a nod, signalling them that this is their chance, before starting to glow. Isabelle opens fire and guns down the Dealer for any life he had left in him, sending him to the floor.

The Dealer has been killed?

The bat enters the main foyer from the dining room and sees the King already achieving his own freedom, and turns their attention to the door. Turning back into the cloaked figure the begin approaching Isabelle.

Noticing the malicious figure, Isabelle takes aim, refusing to turn her back to this potential dealer trick and run. Much to her chagrin. The figure tosses back it's hood and reveals themselves as Tsumugi. Their eyes glow, and Isabelle feels drawn in. They can't bring themselves to pull the trigger. Instead they dance. They must dance, they can't stop dancing! Dropping their gun to dance, Isabelle struggles to escape Tsumugi's dominating gaze. As if to answer her prayers, A blinding light comes from mariopants, covering the entire room. When it clears, King Radical is gone, and in his place is the silhouette from before and one last fluttering FOOL card.

King Radical The Phantom Thief has unleashed the FREEMASON and escaped!

Mariopants isn't himself anymore either. Neearly killed by long distance fun gire, he stands before the room in a skimpy female outfit, laced in pink and red with plenty of white. He holds the staff with a glowing heart at the end and a twinkle in the air. Magical girl Mariopants has arrived!

Tsumugi sees the Freemason and shouts, "It wasn't supposed to end like this!" As she tries to turn into a cloud of gas and escape. Before she can float off anywhere, the Freemason raises his hand and Professor Manhatten's Tsumugi from this WORLD.

Tsumugi the Vampire has been Slain!

With it's duty fulfilled rather quickly, the Freemason has no more purpose to be and fades away Thanos snap style. Leaving only two people left in the room. Isabelle and Mariopants. Still weakened by the dominating gaze of a vampire, Isabelle attempts to raise her gun to finish off this pest for good. But despite his good will to see her escape, King Radical delivered the one tool for mariopants' salvation. Swinging the wand 360 and winking through a V for victory, he points the staff at Isabelle, as a cat faced missile launches out of the staff and zooms over to Isabelle, colliding with her and the door. The smoke clears and she remains in one piece, her body armor blown apart. Coughing and sputtering she spits something out unintentionally. The key to the door. With little strength left, she reaches for the key, desperate to escape. Desperate to stop the pants she shot from doing the same to her.

Gliding across the floor, magical girl mariopants reaches down and picks up the key. The dog and the pants meet eyes. Will he spare her? Finish her off? Already being tough as a rock and maybe a little mentally unhealthy, Isabelle spits on marioptants. And begins to point her gun up at him. Mariopants responds by swinging his wand downwards as it transforms into a 16 ton hammer, crushing the dog into a pancake.

Isabelle the Architect is dead!

Flattened into the floor, half her body against the wall and the other on the floor, she sits in a bastardized thrown of her own blood. A Sullen EMPEROR.
Taking the key and his newly found magical staff with him, mariopants opens the door and flies towards the SUN far and beyond the reach of this house and the sick game the dealer kept him in. But who was that pants? Was he man? Was she woman? Or is he just pants. Whatever the case may be, he's off to take a piss somewhere else.

mariopants the Archaeologist has escaped!

Back in the game room, cool cat draws a card off the top of a playing card deck before turning towards the dealer, who now appears more ethereal than before sitting down next to Junko and Misery.
"Got any Kings?"
There have been Dealers before but none so adept at the game as him.
cousin we are coming home
Good, the horror show’s finally over. Now that there’s no more interferences, there’s only one thing to do....hopefully he hasn’t rusted in his years.

[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcT3rm8ld22_sttbCFh8h...gGNg-F1k4V]

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[Image: GjZMx5b.png]

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[Image: d3exoz5-af694d9f-9ebe-4113-b5fc-dc5f9f55...E8vKZyskbk]

It’s showtime.

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