Hello, thank you all for volunteering to participate in the first trial run of the Killing Game Randomizer. If you would like to change to a dupe let me know and I will update the map.

Speaking of the map, here it is! It's beautiful. The dark gray is hallway. Assume doors are closed to the best of their ability. You can fit through the skinny halls if you try hard enough.
[Image: qPe1bkQ.png]

Room Descriptions:

Game Rules
-A murder must happen every night. If nobody submits to attempt one will happen "by accident".
-All players will start in their rooms each night regardless of where they ended on the previous night.
-No unarmed kills unless your role says otherwise.

Living Participants
@"The Thinker"

Submissions are due Sunday at 7:00 pm EDT
Snufferin Snagglepuss
"Let's play our lives away!"
fucking incredible map
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