I can't say I participated in much discussion about Let's Go because I honestly don't care about the series much, if at all, but I definitely remember back when Let's Go details were coming out and people were mad at how it only included the original 151 or so and thinking they were ridiculous. It's just a side game, not indicative of the main games they're working on and coming out soon anyway, right?


I don't like being a corporation defender. They were clearly testing the waters with Let's Go with this and from what I've heard the new direction they want to go in is leaving Pokemon out in general.

I honestly don't think this is a bad move- it's very reasonable- but the way they're announcing this and have lead people on is totally unacceptable. They had the big press conference (where they announced Pokemon home!!!! a platform specifically for transferring and storing pokemon between games ???), the direct exclusively about this game, and then MORE info about the game in this E3 direct and they couldn't find time to mention this???? They deserve all the flack they're getting for this. People still aren't even sure what exactly they mean because they're so unclear about it. I hope they put up a list of what Pokemon aren't going to be in the games at the very least.
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Definitely a reasonable move handled with absolutely no grace
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When I first heard the news I was like "man this sucks" but then I realized I didn't really care that much. It's probably fine.

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(Jun 12, 2019 at 8:31 PM)Spritanium Wrote:
Definitely a reasonable move handled with absolutely no grace
This. I feel like there would be a lot less backlash had this been part of the initial announcement or announced during a direct or something rather than the circumstances in which it was.

That being said, as the world's one single Sigilyph fan, it makes me sad that he will likely not be returning to the series.
all i want to know is if aegislash is in the literal pokemon game called sword and or shield

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maybe pokemon should move towards a game-as-a-service or MMO model (obviously with no microtransaction bullshit). having to put all this time into putting everything together again every generation is clearly taking its development toll. while i'd love to continue to see mainline pokemon games that let the artists and designers create interesting locations and aesthetics and cultures and characters (and sometimes, rarely, good stories), i think i also care more about being able to access the massive number of pokemons. i dunno just thinking out loud here though
They don't though, they aren't adding any new animations, every Pokemon in Sun and Moon already HAD walking animations made and the models for Sword and Shield are the same as in the 3DS games, even the textures are the exact same but at slightly different levels of saturation. They futureproofed everything that went into X/Y and beyond but STILL can't put every Pokemon in for... no reason whatsoever.
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its relieving as fuck to finally see everyone else who likes pokemon realize how clueless game freak has been for years lmao

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