alright fuckers it's finally done

the first page was by me. you can tell by the complete lack of artistic talent
[Image: iicw1wV.png]

up next was @Jetamo who decided to keep the inverted colors instead of having the characters turn a light on. honestly that's commendable, it's kind of a pain in the ass to work in white on black
[Image: BtR9LC1.png]

the third page was done by @Snufferin Snagglepuss who went with a more avant garde approach. if you can tell what's going on please let me know
[Image: CMJD7NT.jpg]

page 4 was brought to us by @Fun With Despair who integrated his two favorite things into the comic: dark souls and shitposting
[Image: sN40Do2.jpg]

@Draku gave us the lovely page 5 which i don't get because i haven't played ghost trick yet
[Image: XMbUwEf.png]

@Yrrzy contributed this beautiful piece combining expressionism and cursing into a sophisticated chiaroscuro
[Image: JkGEn2e.png]

and @El Negro finished it off with his three part epic that really integrates bits and pieces of everything we've seen before in a real mega man boss rush of a comic. congratulations are in order
[Image: PGgwWp7.png]

[Image: 5Mj3mla.png]

[Image: 2YG5GHP.png]

thanks to everyone who contributed, it was fun seeing things go completely off the rails and down a cliff. we'll do something like this again in the future
what a horrible but great trainwreck
when's the next one
[Image: ybpjq8e.png]
my amazing contribution of two stupid references
[Image: ynr38c.jpg]
Arin Hanson is a fraud
I am thankful to everyone that helped me bring such masterpiece to life...

I am proud to say...

g is cancelled.

Thank you, everyone.
[Image: ab5de54781.png]
fuck you erin
[Image: ynr38c.jpg]
Arin Hanson is a fraud
No, fuck YOU my friend. Thanks for everything.

I've fired everyone but Steve as we speak.
[Image: ab5de54781.png]
Snufferin Snagglepuss
Ok, so since it says if anyone can explain, guess i will.

first panel is the brain man and the strong man trying to think about how to break into the vault. brain man says hes got a good idea.

He attempts to cut into the vault, but his sharp idea from earlier isn't sharp enough, so the plan fails. meanwhile the muscle man is confused as to what he is doing, like the rest of you, and sees there's a guard sleeping over there. so in the next panel...

he shoves the boss aside and has his own idea, meanwhile another thief kills a fighting game security guard by getting banned on minus world for being a cunt.

big boy brother then steps up to the locked vault and does some magic finger work as he whips out his mariopants dick and pees on the keypad, short circuiting it and causing it to kachow and break, allowing him to melt it away and reveal the other side of the wall.

Megamind then looks through the hole to see what's on the other side, both as a queue for the next participant to continue from there so long as they aren't some bone headed cuckmongler that sees it as some sort of contrived dark souls reference, and to show that the police are closing in symbolized by the cat with a knife rocketing forward labelled police. the meme stealing man is there to steal memes.

long story short.
i cant fucking draw.
"Let's play our lives away!"

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