advertising for pride makes me want to throw up

thread title i dont know why it makes me so irrationally angry to see this popping up maybe its because i hate the gays
pride is over time for wrath month
I got told I cant be straight and celebrate pride month because it's exclusively for lgbtq+ ppl and I almost fought a dude wearing leggings that day
King Piranha Plant
I went to my first pride this year and was hoping to find gay guys to flirt with but I just kept staring at all the straight dudes bc my sexuality is fucked up

Also there were no gay guys to flirt with, just couples, people in big strange outfits, and moms giving free mom hugs. My mom was a crazy alcoholic so mom hugs don't quite do it for me, I went home and made some microwave food, was a good afternoon overall
for pride i stayed in and watered my plants
for wrath i will be watering my plants also, but looking pissed because it's getting hotter
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lets just say that corporations always ruin everything.
well i don't think i would go so far as to say corporations ruined being homosexual since most of those fuckers are statistically straight, but i would like to congratulate the corporations for trying their hardest to do so

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