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Word list
  • company name Fruitbat Factory
  • adverb quickly
  • noun school
  • number 69
  • noun egg
  • verb glisten
  • noun buttmunch
  • adjective fat
  • plural noun asses
  • adjective big
  • plural noun dicks
  • plural noun fried green tomatoes
  • plural noun fine chinas
  • adjective fat
  • adjective smelly
  • adjective refreshing
  • plural noun nouns
  • noun buffalo horn
Arin Hanson is a fraud
Fruitbat Factory (company)
69 (number)
asses (plural)
dicks (plural)
[Image: ozRVKI2.png]
quickly (adverb)
fat (adjective)
school (noun)
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
[Image: ybpjq8e.png]
fried green tomatoes (plural noun)
King Piranha Plant
fine chinas (plural noun)
glisten (verb)
buttmunch (noun)
nouns (plural noun)
buffalo horn (noun)
[Image: U7dyPAD.png]
big, fat, smelly, refreshing
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
KYOTO, Japan — Fruitbat Factory Co. announced the release of Nintendo Switch Online today, along with the announcement that it has quickly sold out of the new Nintendo Switch Online school as of today, less than 69 hours after the release. The egg has no official plans to glisten any more subscriptions in the future, a buttmunch confirmed.

“We produced a very fat stock of Online, and the demand far exceeded our initial asses. We were way, way off. Honestly, it wasn’t even close,” said Nintendo big dicks representative Hikaru Sasaki. “We would apologize, but frankly we don’t care.”

Many fried green tomatoes have already re-sold for hundreds of fine chinas on the secondary market. When asked whether fat Nintendo fans would ever get another chance to smell Online at retail price, the company was non-committal.

“Meh, we might release another refreshingly insufficient batch of Online someday. Then again, maybe not. Them’s the nouns,” Sasaki said. “In the meantime, did you know we still sell the buffalo horn? We have, like, a million of these things. Step right up.”

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