Have you ever took a picture of your dick and why?

If you're a girl just pretend your ass/vagina is a dick and tell us a time you took a picture of it.

Anyway I took a picture of my dick one time to measure it in comparison to my fat DS. That was the first dick pic I took bros, you might be wonder what the results were and ohohohoho let me tell you my dudes

I didn't make it : (
i think anyone who posts in this thread and says they havent taken a picture of their genitals is a LYING LIAR
King Piranha Plant
The last time I took a photo was when my urethra was torn open due to a laceration and I have been waiting for it to recover for the past two and a half years

I've had to avoid jerking off for two and a half years and have never been able to go 5 days without doing it and it drives me mad and this is probably why I'm obsessed with Mario fangames and internet forums at age 27 this is PROBABLY WHy
Arin Hanson is a fraud
I gotta admit. I, Arin Hanson, took a pic of my dick once. ONCE.
Arin Hanson is a fraud
(lazy to change users) As to why, it was because I was trying to see how my asshole looked like. So, I didn't really try to take a pic of my dick, but my ass... which included my dick. I even put a 10 second timer on it to place myself correctly.

Don't judge me for being curious.
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couch delivery man

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What? No
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no fuck you
ye i snapchat it to my gf but i didn't want her to get too excited so i covered the whole pic with emojis
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i dont remember ever doing so, no
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i have never taken a picture but i have used my phone as a mirror to look at it from an angle i couldn't experience on my own
nah i save it for all the laydays
daily :cool:

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