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King Piranha Plant
Yoshin I was reading back on threads and heard you almost got turned into an icicle and that made me worried D:

Hope you're doin okay physically, and glad you see you back in heck world
Man you have not seen even a 3rd of the shit thats happened to me in the past 3 or so years
Life has been giga terrible

I dont think I'll ever come back to the discord, for anyone wondering
it is way too politically charged and even thinking about it makes my anxiety go way way up
King Piranha Plant
I avoid most Discord groups because they feel like some cramped, closeup and personal version of Twitter and don't quite do the community thing for me

What kinda stuff have you been going through? Sucks to hear
(Jul 10, 2019 at 9:38 AM)King Piranha Plant Wrote: What kinda stuff have you been going through? Sucks to hear

since I dont wanna shit up the entire thread with my shit heres a list:
-best friend took her life
-almost frooze to death
-got disowned because lmao trans
-colour visiion shot
-fired from job, havent got one since
-got evicted twice
-brother passed away
-attempted suicide and failed cause I fail at everything
King Piranha Plant
Holy shit dude. I'm so sorry. Wasn't entirely sure how to respond but I imagine it'd be better suited to a PM.

I just hope you know, if you're ever feeling urge to do something like that it's always okay to reach out here and tell us how you feel. I know it might seem stupid to say that, but like, way back in 2009 or so at a time when I was planning to kill myself I posted on old MFGG about it. As cold a place as it was (and I think everyone was kinda douchey about it) I still think being able to talk to old, cynical internet friends did help a bit.

But for real, that's a rough number of things to go through and I can't imagine what your struggle has been like.

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