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Hey, over here, kid. Act casual and don't let the big man know you're talking to me.

Want to make some quick EX? Rumor has it there are eight wrestlers in this single elimination tournament. Once they are all announced just fill out your final bracket and submit that to me along with a donation of however much EX you're willing to gamble. At the end I'll give the person who guessed closest 50% of the pot, the second place 30%, and the third 10%.
Sounds trustworthy!

What does the remaining 10% go to? I'm sure it's a reputable charity.
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Real Fake Virtual Fake Real Wrestling would like to reiterate its stance on illegal fight wagers, by donating a large amount of EX to an unspecified charity, fronted by a Mr. Flash.
Angie Yonaga

Angie knows exactly how this will go down, and she will bet 1000 EX on it!

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Arin Hanson is a fraud
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Betting 4.900 EXP on this.
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Betting is now closed. I am owed the actual EX by some people still, but once I get it the pot will be 22,273 EX.

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