Hibiki Tachibana's Splendid Day Off

You are Hibiki Tachibana, and today is your day off!

You've been working for the secret organization SONG for the past couple years, after discovering your Symphogear abilities. It's been good work and you've saved the world several times, but sometimes (like now) it can get exhausting. That's why you have finally taken a day off!

Right now, you're sitting outside of a small restaurant, trying to decide what to do with all this spare time. You could go to one of several places. Lydian Musical Academy, with your very-much-your-girlfriend Miku, is to the west. To the east is the shopping mall, where Chris and Tsubasa are currently on their own day off. To the south is SONG's HQ, where Genjuro and the rest of the crew currently are. And to the north is the city center, where Maria, Kirika, and Shirabe are on their own city exploration.

What will you do?


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Fun With Despair
be the other guy
fire up the grill
Get it by your own hands.

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>Be the other guy

You attempt to be the other guy and fail, as the only relevant man is Genjuro and you're not cool enough to be him.

>Fire up the grill

You start up the nearby grill when the restaurant owner isn't looking. Time for some burgers!
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make beef stroganoff

>make beef stroganoff

You take this chance to make some beef stroganoff, and feel inspired to sing while you do so!

That's when the restaurant owner notices you and starts yelling. Grabbing your pot, you skedaddle before you can get in trouble.

You are now outside the restaurant, with a pot of unfinished beef stroganoff.
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Go north to take the unfinished Beef Stroganoff to Shirabe in hopes that she can finish it with her cooking ability.
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>Go north to take the pot to Shirabe

You head north. It's quite a distance, but you're a tough gal and you can handle it. Your pot, covered by a lid, remains intact during the journey to the city center, although some people give you weird looks as you go.

When you reach a large plaza, you see Maria, Shirabe, and Kirika sitting around a table. You go over and greet them.

"Hello, Hibiki." "What's in the pot?" "Can I have it?"
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Obama Machine
In accordance with the United States' Foreign Policy regarding encounters with enemy Weapons of Mass Destruction, I elect for Hibiki to pour the Beef Stroganoff all over the other girls and steal their Class-2 Destructive Devices known as Symphogear Pendants in the chaos, and then run away. Hibiki should transform herself to get away more quickly; her possession of a Class-2 Destructive Device will be pardoned for her defense of America and Freedom.

Thank you for your time, my fellow Americans. This Symphogear Crisis will be resolved swiftly and without injury.
Fun With Despair
after you run away, head to walmart and go browse the toy aisle a bit

>Throw the beef stroganoff onto the other girls and steal their gears

Possessed of a strange and unfathomable urge, you promptly open the pot and hurl the contents onto the FIS trio. It's cooled off enough that it doesn't hurl them, but it covers them with beef stroganoff. You attempt to grab their gears while they're busy trying to recover from your assault, but are only able to get Kirika's before Maria punches you really hard in the face.

You decide to run away and explain all this much later, Maria and Shirabe still chasing you. Eventually, you lose them by hiding in a nearby supermarket, disguising yourself as a pile of baked bean cans.

>Go to the toy aisle in Walmart.

Leaving with a couple legally purchased cans of baked beans and Kirika's gear, you head to the toy aisle in Walmart. They've got a lot of cool stuff here! Maybe you should get something...
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obtain legos and build them in the parking lot
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>Obtain legos and build them in the parking lot

You grab several lego sets, as well as one Bionicle (Zaktan) and take them all out to the parking lot. There, you slowly begin putting together a LEGO city next to a parked black jeep.

At one point, you see Maria and Shirabe run by, beef and vegetables still covering them. You hide behind the car and they don't see you.
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Fun With Despair
make zaktan rampage around the city like godzilla, make dinosaur roars and stuff for him

if the jeep guy comes to get his vehicle, just growl menacingly at him, maybe flip the bird at him if him getting into his car interrupts your playtime

>Have Zaktan do a Godzilla rampage

You promptly have Zaktan storm through your Lego city. He does a masterful job of tearing it down, and you do a masterful job of voice acting him.

During this, the man who owns the jeep shows up and unlocks his car, looking at you with a very confused look on his face. You simply growl at him in reply, and his confusion deepens as he climbs inside and drives away.
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With the concealment vehicle departed it's time to relocate. Time to go give Miku Igalima and tell her to try activating it.
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>Time to go find Miku and give her a Symphogear

There is absolutely nothing that can go wrong with this plan!

You depart the area, leaving the ruins of Lego City behind you but taking Zaktan with you just in case. Heading to the west, you go to Lydian Academy, where there aren't any classes today, how do you think Hibiki has a day off?

There, you see Miku reading a book. She looks up and smiles when you approach, but before she can say anything, you give her Kirika's pendant.

"Oh! Thank you, Hibiki! ...How did you get this?"
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El Negro
Give out an incredibly insulting reply on accident.
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>Give an insulting reply on accident

"I fucked your mother, that's how!" You immediately clamp your hands over your mouth in shock.

"...Hibiki, are you feeling okay?" "Yeah! Yeah, good. Just fine. Why don't you, uh... say a few words? Like..." You tell Kirika's transformation phrase to Miku, who cocks her head in confusion. "...Okay?"

One transformation sequence later, a very confused Miku is now wearing Kirika's usual gear.
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Grab Miku's hand and tell her how glad you are that you'll finally be able to work together and she won't have to worry about not being able to be at your (Hibiki)'s side anymore, and then apologize for the earlier coarse set of words.

Then take out Zaktan and tell her to have a mock battle with the new training drone that SONG has been developing to test her abilities with her new Gear.
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