um hi..
whats up hello welcome to minus world enjoy you're stay
J. K. Rowling
Hello! It is a pleasure to see newer faces roaming around these dark forests that we so call our fifty-sixthth home. You must be confused, so let me guide you for a quick tour and give out a short summary of how things are done around these areas.

First of all, you are in the Minus World, a place in where everything is about magic and urination that's coming out of the human genitalia while sitting next to the spermatozoids inside a bottom, rather small sack.

Your goal around here... well, you'll choose that to do for that part! It's a big world, and many people can do as they please as long as you buy one copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone! If you want to support me, please click the link that's right here.

We wish you a nice stay and hope that you learn your place very soon! Buy my merch!

P.S: Did you know that Hagrid has, canonically, no scrotum due to being half-giant half-human?
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thanks for the warm welcomes and wow being a wizard sounds radical

look, my post got all sparkly and colorful thanks to them
holy shit you guys lmfao
hey nerd
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(Aug 15, 2019 at 3:06 AM)Draku Wrote: hey nerd

hi... im smol...
Welcome to the Australia part of mfgg

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