Mini Randomizer 2 Killing Game Signups

I have been wanting to do another run of this for a few weeks, so here it is. Just like last time the map and roles will be randomly generated. FWD's big game will probably start in a month or so and work is a bitch so I'm going to only take around 8 entries again this time. We will not be having a double island 40 man game that lasts for six months. If we get one or two extra people I might let them join in anyways though.

What is different from last time?
More rooms, items, and roles powers have been added to the document. I am working on a new map generator that should be capable of making a floorplan that doesn't look like garbage. Also I forgot to include the special items last time.

Here is the document that I will be using to generate the map and roles:
Please note that there are three tabs. One for rooms, one for items, and one for role powers. Feel free to make as many additions as you want to any of the tabs. If you have anything you would like to see in the game be sure to enter it before Saturday which is when I will be rolling everything.

1. StirlADrei
2. Yrrzy
3. Hearts
4. George Costanza
5. Jerry Seinfeld
6. Goose
7. Negative Man
8. Seal
9. Twofinger
10. Suburban Palpatine
I'd like to play.
Get it by your own hands.

MFGG Staff Slaying Expert
Kill List
Assist List
George Costanza
Weh-eh-ell, time to kill some good ol game! Are you excited, my fellow hu-

Wait, why don't you guys have any guns? Or cases of beer? Let me look at my brochure again.....

.....Aw, crud.
Jerry Seinfeld?
Thumbs Up
Negative Man
God hates me so much he wants to see me die twice...
I'll be ross from friends
Suburban Palpatine
Once more, the Sith will rule the curb appeal contest, and we will have quiche.
Okay that's 10, I'll cut signups off here. Expect roles and the map to go up later tonight.
George Costanza
Hurry up with those roles, will ya? My mother’s forcing me to go to bed in an hour!

And no, it’s not pathetic! It’s a very common thing for economically challenged 30-year-olds shunned by society to live with their parents, thank you very much.

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